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Last updated 2015-02-18 - Send Feedback
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This page captures details with ongoing training.

See the previous pages for introduction and experience.

May, 2015

Completed five double centuries, including three back-to-back doubles and 1st place in the Central coast double (see also DMD). The bike fit is paying big dividends in endurance, comfort and just being able to to up to 211 miles and not feel any ill effects when done.

Feb 18, 2015

The two prior years I had some health issues (shoulder surgery in 2013 and gastrointenstinal issues in 2014). Not such such years. But by mid 2014 I have been really feeling dialed into the fit, and it’s working brilliantly.

In Jan 2015 some minor tweaks were done but also one big improvement: custom orthotics made onsite at 3DBikeFit, so that for the first time I can ever recall, the big metatarsal on my right foot finally (!) “plants” like it is supposed to (like the left foot). I could feel the better foot placement immediately, and I think this will result in better power from the right leg as the muscles can no be fully supported and utilized.

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Jan 21, 2013 (about +2 months )

This was written the day before going back for some checkup-and-tweak.

Overall, I remain quite pleased with the increased power and smoother spin I am seeing both on the flats and uphill, though I’d say that the gains uphill are not as much as on the flats. Still, using big muscles more has to pay off in endurance and recovery either way, so this is something that training later in the year will prove out.


First, I was strongly advised by to allow 3-4 months for adaptation to a new fit, but I have been a bit of a Bad Boy a few times.

Second, psychologically a new fit is a challenge, well, it’s frustrating having more power but having to back off: my mental self-image was of being in peak condition.

Having to back off and not train less hard than desired (to allow adaptation) feels like starting over. Which in fact it is, except for fitness. It requires discipline to agree to a lower training load (in my own mind), and I haven’t always been successful in limiting my efforts, riding harder than I ought to more than once, just because it’s such a positive feedback loop (go faster with more power, feel good, why not?!).

My reward (apparently) has been some left knee discomfort accompanied by crepitation in the left knee joint which continues for ~4 weeks now (mild crepitation is not new for my knees, but this degree of it is new, as is some achiness off the bike). Backing off seems to help, but I can’t shake it as yet.

It is hard to nail down the cause of the left knee discomfort; it could have been instigated by too-hard an effort about 5 weeks ago (joints not adapted), perhaps in part the cold winter season (but I wear warm wind-blocking tights when cold).

But my main theory is that with an average ride running 20-30 watts higher than last year, there is additional stress on everything involved. So I am paying attention to spinning fast and backing off if the knee starts to bother me.

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