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Everest Challenge — Race Notes (2011)

I completed the 2011 Everest Challenge nearly 3 hours faster than in 2004:

  • Greater muscle mass in legs with low body fat;
  • Body weight lower by about 13 pounds (more muscle, less fat);
  • Temperatures lower by 10-15° F.
  • A few miles shorter distance for the timed portion, though the same climbing.

I rode the full distance, returning down Hwy 395 from Rock Creek to Millpond (untimed portion). This is perhaps not the smartest thing to do in a stage race! But I wanted to complete the loop, and besides, I had no car to take me back.

Finishing time and places

See the official results page.

My total time was 6:28:15 + 5:05:16 = 11:33:31. That’s nearly 3 hours faster than my 2004 time, so I am quite pleased with my results. But they could have been notably faster, more on that below under Mistakes.

Given my cramping problems (which I can avoid) and what I learned in 2012, I will train to WIN the 2012 Everest Challenge by raising my power 10% (already done in November 2011), increasing my fitness a few percent, and by dropping a few more pounds total off my body and bike.

GC = category that tracks overall times for bicycle riders.

Men’s masters 45+ results for 2011 Everest Challenge, Click for full listing.
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