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Everest Challenge Pre-Race Update 3 (2011)

These are details sent by race organizers, with attention drawn via highlighting to key points and certain items not relevant to the race omitted.

See the key locations page for maps. See also the Everest Challenge web site.

Everest Challenge Update #3

See also the FAQ.

STOP at the Stop signs, or be DQ'd

Yes, there are a few STOP signs on the EC course. Yes, we will have staff members there to record the numbers of racers who STOP. And those who do not STOP. SUBSTANTIAL penalties await those who do not STOP. The public agencies that issue us permits really like it when you STOP at the signs. So we really like it. It is CA state law! Read the rules already!


Check out the website. We have added CASH to the Masters races. The Masters fields are so large, it was essential!


What To Do When You Get To The Fairgrounds On Friday 9/23

1. READ THE RULES. We have some unusual rules because of the remote setting where the EC takes place. USAC Rulebook and then some more. Some are new for this year. Short but important.

2. Sign the standard waiver, assuming you have an annual USAC license. Bring your USAC license. We will have all of the forms that you need, including the usual USAC waiver.
We also have the USAC One Day license forms, for racers who do NOT have an annual USAC license, which includes the waiver. These can ONLY be used for Cat 5 Men and Cat 4 Women. Every other competitive racer needs an annual license.
There is also a Non-Competitive class for folks that are not competing. This is the only category that does not require a license. You still have to sign the USAC waiver.

3. Take COMPLETELY FILLED OUT waiver and USAC license to registration table. Registrar will check you in and make sure you are in the correct category. Even if you are not yet signed up for the EC, this is the way to get signed up! The Registrar will add you to the roster, you pay them, and everything goes smoothly.

4. Get TWO race numbers. Wear both numbers both days. Safety pins. A goodie bag with some actual good stuff in it. A map and a cue sheet.

5. Score some cool souvenir EC stuff! EC logo socks, jerseys, big coffee mugs, and more.


The Famous Free Pasta Feast will be happening by 6:00, and maybe a little earlier. We will again be feeding everybody pasta and salad and some terrific new things you haven't seen before. We are raising our game *again* and we think you are going to like it!

The FFPF is sponsored by the Bishop Chamber of Commerce. Yes, we are members, and they supply all the folks who put this on. Last year, the Chamber recruited the Mayor, the Chief of Police, City Council members, and the like. WOW! Erick Schat's Bakkery supplies bread. Have you been to Schat's yet? We NEVER miss a chance to go there. Just do it, and you will see why. I am working on some asiago cheese bread toast from Schat's RIGHT NOW. The dinner is pretty simple. We cook up a bunch of pasta and toss a bunch of salad. Yes, we have HEED. But you will have to ask for it. There will be some special surprises, and we hope you will have a good time!

The format is pretty simple. You are done with checkin, and you just stick around (or come on back) and eat. The FFPF is timed to get you fed just in time for the mandatory Pre-Race Meeting at 7:00. More on the Meeting next time, but the short version is that we have a short program, lasting from 7:00 ˆ 7:40. We will start on time, and we WILL finish on time. The race staff will be up late, but you don't want to be. Lots to say and do, but we will keep it moving and get 'er done.

Every year, somebody wants to "buy a ticket" for the FFPF for a friend or family member. No tickets. Just show up and eat. Bring your support crew, Mom, SO, or whoever. You bring them, we feed them. Easier that way, and more fun.


So far you have heard about the Paradise Fire Prevention District, and Freedom In Motion Therapeutic Riding Center.

Another group that we support is Northern Inyo Hospital. The story goes something like this: NIH has some new buildings that they have been putting up for a few years now. Old facility, with some big new rooms going in. But there is a real shortage of money for equipment. One of the RNs there decided to fix that. She organizes a 100km trail run (with shorter distances for the less masochistic) to raise money for the hospital. She and her crew, all experienced ultrarunners, will be at the finish line of the EC both days cooking up hot food and taking very good care of finishing riders, who sometimes need a little looking after right about then. You can bet that the combination of being an RN and an ultramarathon trail runner makes her very good at this! She runs the best finish line Aid Station I have ever seen, and is National (Australian) record holder for a number of frightening running distances. We are proud to support the NIH equipment fund, and you should be too! Oh, you should ask somebody working the finish line Aid Station to show you their belt buckle.

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Tiny, bus-powered, rugged, compact!

√ No more slow and noisy hard drives!


The Everest Challenge cannot exist without some help from our terrific sponsors.

One of our sponsors is Specialized. No, we don't have new bikes for the winners. But we do have something for everybody. A nice clean bottle. A VERY nice NEW bottle. A bunch of them, actually. The good folks at Specialized have shipped us boxes and boxes of bottles, and we couldn't be happier. For many years, we had *hardly any* bottles. Now we have a lot more. What other race has neutral bottle handups like the EC? We can only hand you a bottle because somebody handed US a bottle. Specialized!

Steven P. Barnes
AntiGravity Cycling
Everest Challenge Race Director


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