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Everest Challenge Pre-Race Update 4 (2011)

These are details sent by race organizers, with attention drawn via highlighting to key points and certain items not relevant to the race omitted.

See the key locations page for maps. See also the Everest Challenge web site.

Everest Challenge Update #4

September 10, 2011

See also the FAQ. The Eleventh Everest Challenge Bicycle Stage Race and Fun Ride is almost upon us. You may know that it is the California/Nevada State Climbing Championships. Also there is a record book on the website that shows the best times ever at the EC by category.

Hey, if you missed any of the earlier Updates, they are online at


Did you read about STOP signs already? We need you to STOP at the STOP signs. Race staff will be enforcing this. We have to do it, so you have to do it. Read the rules already!

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Mandatory. Be there, ok? We will run through some of the rules, but just highlights. Just a few minutes about STOP signs and the town of Paradise and a few other critically important points. We will induct some folks into the Hall of Fame. Also short and sweet. And introduce some of the folks that make the EC work. Scheduled for 7:00 ˆ 7:40, and we will NOT run late. Oh, there are some raffle prizes! You have to be there to win.


The Famous Free Pasta Feast, sponsored by the Bishop Chamber of Commerce. 6:00, or earlier if the kitchen says it's ok. Lots of good things to eat, plus a surprise. Nothing fancy, just the basics.


In 2007, we had full blizzard conditions starting Friday. Of course we ran the race! It runs rain or shine...or blizzard. You don't get to be the toughest race anywhere by going home at the first sign of weather, right? Then in 2010 it was over 100F in the valleys. Historically, we have seen every kind of weather imaginable. In fact, locals like to say that it can snow in any month. It has! The real question is not what might happen, but what will happen this year. Still too early to be sure, but it is looking hot and dry so far. Likely to be quite warm in the valleys, and a bunch cooler at elevation. Updates as they develop!

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For the early start times, it may be crisp in the morning, but it will warm up pretty early. Best to wear something you are comfortable in for the widest range of temperatures. Dressed for warm weather, but with some warmers for the morning chill maybe. That last descent may be chilly, particularly for the late finishers. In fact, it may be downright cold up at the last summit. Nobody wants to carry a jacket and gloves around, but we will carry it for you!

Put your gear in a bag, tape it shut, add your name, and we will take it up to the final summit. You get to the finish, put on some warm clothes, and eat and relax a little. The clothes you pack will keep you a lot more comfortable AT the summit, not just on the way down. The Race Director notes that more folks pack clothes for Stage 2 each year than Stage 1. Maybe they learned something at the Stage 1 summit!


So far you have heard about the Paradise Fire Prevention District, and Freedom In Motion Therapeutic Riding Center, and Northern Inyo Hospital. The last group we are supporting in 2011 is the Bishop High School Girls Varsity Soccer Team. Another long name! Marty and the girls and parents are at the second summit each day Pine Creek on Stage 1 and Waucoba Canyon on Stage 2. High school athletic teams are historically underfunded, so we are doing our part to help the team. Last year, we helped them buy new uniforms!


The horde of monster deals has returned.

Deals on just about everything!


The Everest Challenge cannot exist without some help from our terrific sponsors. Some of our sponsors provide goods, some services, and some a place to work. Gary Olson at the Bishop Creek Lodge lets us use their parking lot for our last Aid Station on Stage 1. And some shade. And their water. A couple of years ago, the owner's son came out and helped at the Aid Station! Our kind of folks. We appreciate their help!

Next update

More EC info next time, about Millpond Recreation Area, EC Race Rules in general, nutrition and hydration at the EC, gearing choices, and the Inyo Roads Department.

Steven P. Barnes
AntiGravity Cycling
Everest Challenge Race Director
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