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Everest Challenge Pre-Race Update 8 (2011)

These are details sent by race organizers, with attention drawn via highlighting to key points and certain items not relevant to the race omitted.

See the key locations page for maps. See also the Everest Challenge web site.

Everest Challenge Update #8

September 21, 2011

The Everest Challenge Bicycle Stage Race and Fun Ride has some rules that are different from other events. Please read under RACE RULES for the details. This deserves your attention.


Stage 1 will run backwards from the traditional route. Millpond to South Lake first, then back by Millpond, to Pine Creek, and finishing at Mosquito Flat at the top of Rock Creek Rd. Read #3 below for more about this. The course will be very well marked. We will talk about the course at the Friday meeting. Plan on being there, ok?


Naturally, we have a copy of the USA Cycling Rulebook. We expect you do too, so you know what you are supposed to do. But there are a couple of issues that are really important at the EC.

STOP signs

You hear about that from me in every Update, so here it is again. You have to stop. I mean STOP. State of California says so, and the people who grant us permits say so. Pretty simple, really.

You do NOT have to unclip for me, but you have to be pulling a pretty good trackstand. If you want to run 'em, we will toss you. Hate to do it, really, but at that point your behavior is a threat to the ability of the race to get permits for next year. We REALLY like putting on this race. If you like coming to it, then STOP. Please.

Feed Zones / rolling handoffs

Feed zones are at the Aid Stations, except NOT at the summit Aid Stations.

Why not at the summits? It is just too crowded and the roads are not very wide. We actually have more good things at the Aid Stations this year than EVER, and I do not know of any race anywhere that takes care of you the way we do at the EC. More about Aid Stations next time.

Handoffs from cars are strictly prohibited. This is definitely grounds for a DQ. Handoffs anywhere except at the Aid Stations are strictly prohibited. Following racers in cars at the speed of the race is strictly prohibited.

The climb up Lower Rock Creek / Old Sherwin Grade

I am just going to call it LRC, ok? This is one of the greatest pieces of asphalt ever put down for riding, in either direction. The community of Paradise has grown up along this road, and Swall Meadows is a short distance off the main road.

We have to be on our very best behavior on LRC. There is considerable political pressure to deny us access to this road. That fact has been true for several years now, and we have managed to get the permit by promising that things will improve. The time is NOW. Pressure to live up to our promises is MUCH greater right now than it has even been.

What needs to improve exactly? Cyclists on LRC MUST be as far to the right as possible. You must not be three or four or five across on that road. Or even TWO across. YOU MUST RIDE IN SINGLE FILE FROM SWALL MEADOWS ROAD ALL THE WAY TO US395.

You must interact with everyone you see in a polite and courteous fashion, and stay to the right so cars can pass without you impeding them in any way. We have to prove that we are responsible cyclists who can coexist in their community with the usual Saturday traffic. There will be folks on the course taking pictures and video, and watching EVERYTHING you do.

Looking for good behavior on your part, but also looking for bad behavior. Video and photos of cyclists behaving badly can be sufficient cause for Mono County to deny us a permit for 2012. If they see you doing something you should not be and get your race number, you will be in big trouble with the Race Director. You do not want this. If they do not get your number, I ˆ and the EC ˆ will still be in trouble. I will do what I have to do to keep this race alive, and hope you will too.


Remember, the start time for the Non-Competitive group has been moved to 6:50. This is being done to make sure that as many of the racers get past as many of the earlier starters by Lower Rock Creek as possible. All other start times are the same as on the flyer and the website.


The traditional Stage 1 distance is 102 miles to the summit finish at South Lake. Then 20 miles from there back to Millpond for a total of 122. This year, the course will be more like 89 miles to the summit finish at Mosquito Flat, then 33 miles back to Millpond. Which suspiciously adds up to 122 miles also. Hmmmm...Almost as if this is the same course being run in a different order.

From Mosquito Flat, the return trip is about 97% descending or flat. There is that little kick along Lower Rock Creek to deal with, though. That little climb used to be part of the race course, but it isn't now. So we will have to make up the elevation gain as part of Stage 2. There is not a lot of choice here, since there is only one climb where we do not go all the way to the end of the pavement. That is the middle climb of Stage 2, along Death Valley Road, up Waucoba Canyon. We will just go a bit farther up it so the total climbing of 29035' is still there. We wouldn't want any complaints about the climbing distance being too short.


What is worse than making a mistake on the cue sheet?

Well, making two, and finding out about it AFTER 450 of the silly things have been printed. That part is the bad news. The good news is that the course will be well marked ˆ better than ever. We will have 12" X 18" coroplast turn signs as well as the little chalk arrows. They will be a lot easier to see than the arrows on posts that we used before. I will talk about the errors specifically Friday night at the meeting. At that point, you will have the cue sheet in your hands. No, I am not planning to print 450 new sheets. Dang.

More EC info next time, about anything else I can think of. Send me your questions and I will answer them in the next Update!

Steven P. Barnes
AntiGravity Cycling
Everest Challenge Race Director
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