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Everest Challenge Pre-Race Update 9 (2011)

These are details sent by race organizers, with attention drawn via highlighting to key points and certain items not relevant to the race omitted.

See the key locations page for maps. See also the Everest Challenge web site.

Everest Challenge Update #9

September 22, 2011

The Everest Challenge Bicycle Stage Race and Fun Ride is this weekend, and final preparations are being made. WOW! A lot goes into this event, and it is always great to see it taking shape.


  • Northern Inyo Hospital Equipment Fund
  • Freedom In Motion Therapeutic Riding Center
  • Bishop High School Girls Varsity Soccer Team
  • Paradise Fire Prevention District

I got an interesting call not too long ago from a nice lady. She was offering us ˆ offering YOU, through us ˆ an opportunity. The opportunity to support some cause that I had never heard of. I told her we already support some local causes that we think are pretty terrific. She said that her organization was National. Or GLOBAL. I can't remember which. Anyway, she kept telling me what a great opportunity this was for us.

So I told her what our local charities do for us. For YOU. They are the ones making signs in June. The ones getting stuff organized in August. The ones handing you a bottle at an Aid Station. A clean bottle that they washed in their own dishwasher last week. They are the ones cooking you hot food at the end of the race, and checking on you ten minutes after you finish because you weren't looking great right then.

So I told her I thought it really sounded like a great opportunity all right. That they should just jump right in and send some folks to the EC. That they could pitch in and join us, and we would take care of them too. That was the last I heard from her.

Our charity causes are local, and we like that. They are the folks who live here, that are still here when the event is over. Folks we know, not random folks from who-knows-where. We think that matters. They are part of what makes EC different from other events!


Thank them! They make the EC possible. When you are thinking about buying a product that they make, maybe you think about buying one of theirs.


Again this year, Hammer is providing a lot lot lot of great stuff: HEED drink mix (carbohydrates and a little electrolytes), Perpetuem drink mix (carbohydrates and protein), Endurolytes capsules (electrolyte mix), Hammer gel, and more.

[WindInMyFace note: I especially like Hammer Whey and Perpetuem Solids and HEED]


New at the EC for 2011! Powerbars (the original!), Ironman premixed energy drinks, Energy Bites! (carbohydrates and protein). So I thought I should open up a package of these things, since I had never tried one. You know, do a little scientific sampling. This is the Oatmeal Raisin flavor. No artificial anything. Good. Has a picture of an oatmeal cookie on the package. The Bites are little spherical goodies, so I eat one. Not bad, but not exactly what I expected. Bag goes on the table somewhere, and I am back to writing the latest EC Update. I nibble on another Bite. Pretty soon the bag is empty. Hey, these are GOOD! And the bag is empty...lucky you, there are more!


You WILL get handed a Specialized bottle this year. Or lots of them. They have sent us so many bottles again this year that the race doesn't even begin to fit in my truck like it did two years ago. The race now fills a cargo van and the same truck. Big cargo van. Big truck.

A REMINDER on Lower Rock Creek

Single File Zone near the top of Lower Rock Creek. Mile 73.0 to mile 77.3. Important that we are on our best behaviour here, as everybody will be watching.

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Next time

More EC info next time, about last minute things, and some reminders about what happens when and where, and things like that.

Steven P. Barnes
AntiGravity Cycling
Everest Challenge Race Director
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