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Lightweight Mielenstein Obermayer Image Gallery

2011-04-18 updated 2011-04-23 • SEND FEEDBACK
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See the overview of the Lightweight Obermayers on the previous page.

Some pictures can be clicked for larger views.

Entire wheel view

Spots on the wheels below are raindrops that started just as I began to photograph the wheels.

  • Note the marker (sticker) for the embedded wheel magnets, which is placed at about 160° from the valve hole.
  • The Lightweight logo text on the hubs is black (my choice) instead of the usual white.
  • The center hub has Obermayer indelibly on it.
  • The spokes are integral to the wheel; the wheel is literally one single carbon part.
  • Each pair of spokes is bonded together where they cross.
Lightweight Obermayer carbon fiber wheelset (rear)
Spots are drops of incipient rain

Hub and spokes

Observe the way the crossing spokes are bonded with carbon fiber.

Lightweight Obermayer hub and spokes

Valve insert

The valve insert is elegantly built into the aero part of the wheel, not drilled.

Lightweight Obermayer valve placement

Center groove for better, deeper tire fit

There is a subtle center groove to allow the center of the tire to seat more deeply into the rim, for move of a “gloved fit”.

Lightweight Obermayer center groove for better tire fit

Spoke attachment

The spokes are an integral part of the wheel, being bonded into the rim. They cannot go out of true, and cannot be trued.

Lightweight Obermayer spoke attachment to wheel rim

Rear hub

The rear hub uses a DT Swiss ceramic bearing.

Lightweight Obermayer rear hub and spokes

Rim aero height

Rim height is 52mm. The tire extends that further.

Lightweight Obermayer hub

Rim width

Rim width is 20mm.

Lightweight Obermayer hub

Spoke length

Spoke length is about 231mm, but with an effective length of closer to 216mm because each pair of spokes is bonded about 15mm from the hub.

Lightweight Obermayer spoke length

Magnet marker

The position of the embedded wheel magnet is marked with a removable sticker.

Lightweight Obermayer embedded magnet marker


The front skewer is just 21 grams.

Lightweight Obermayer skewer

On the bike

The Lightweight Obermayers complement the white paint on my Trek Madone 6.9 SSL. For a dark bike, the white logos are probably better, but I like the understated look that does not draw too much attention away from the bike and to the wheels.

Lightweight Obermayer carbon fiber wheel with Veloflex Record tire glued by Palo Alto Bicycles
Lightweight Obermayer carbon fiber rear wheel on Trek Madone 6.9 SSL
Lightweight Obermayer carbon fiber front wheel on Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

Gluing the tires

Look at the superb job the guys over at Palo Alto Bicycles did on gluing the tire. This is as clean a job as you find, and I can say from experience that their glue jobs are outstanding— this tire is never going to roll off.

Lightweight Obermayer carbon fiber wheel with Veloflex Record tire glued by Palo Alto Bicycles
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