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Lightweight Ventoux / Gipfelsturm 240 Construction

Last updated 2011-02-13 - Send Feedback
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Construction of the Lightweight Ventoux 240 is very impressive. The entire wheel is actually one part; the rim, spokes and hub are one piece of carbon. The wheel never needs truing (and cannot be trued) due to this advanced construction, which appears to be very robust.

Indeed, for 10% of the purchase price, buyers can get a 3 year replacement guarantee if the wheel breaks, even if because you drove over it with your car. My suspicion is that Lightweight still makes money on that offer, as good as it is for buyers, because these wheels are very solid.

This construction is a huge plus in my book— I once glued a new expensive tubular onto a ZIPP 303, only to have a spoke break a few days later. Due to where it broke, the tire had to come off, the wheel had to be sent to ZIPP, and then the tire glued back on— a nuisance to say the least. Since metal spokes fail sooner or later, I like the idea of a wheel with the highest structural integrity to begin with.

Construction images follow below.

Lightweight Ventoux 240 front wheel with Veloflex Record tubular tire

Ventoux 240 construction images

With mounted tire

I mount a slightly heavier Veloflex Sprinter tire on the rear, and Veloflex Record tire on the front.

I have to give credit to Alan at Palo Alto Bicycles for an ultra-clean job mounting this Veloflex tire onto the rim. Nice. PAB has the best service department I’ve found. Sharp guys who know their stuff.

Lightweight Ventoux 240 rear wheel with Veloflex Sprinter tire

Valve extender

Like most wheels with any aero design, a valve extender is needed. The spoke magnet is built into the spoke at the opposite side to help balance any weight.

Lightweight Ventoux 240 valve with extender

Spoke attachment

The spoke is actually part of the rim. Observe how it seamlessly becomes part of the rim itself.

Lightweight Ventoux 240 spoke

Spoke bonding

Where the spokes cross near the hub, they are bonded together with more carbon, all baked into one part.

Lightweight Ventoux 240 spoke bonding

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