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2010 LOOK '595 Ultra' Riding Notes

Last updated 2012-01-30 - Send Feedback
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The LOOK 595 Ultra is one nice-riding bike, well built-and very sturdy and responsive AND comfortable, at least with the Lightweight Obermayers or Lightweight Ventoux wheels (my preference being the Obermayers).

Riding comments on LOOK 595 Ultra

With ample experience on ascents and descents on local rides: Old La Honda, Page Mill, West Alpine, Kings Mtn, Tunitas Creek.

  • The ride is up to my expectations— good road feel, quick handling, stability at speed, very good comfort (and I have the ultra stiff Shimano PRO Vibe handlebar).
  • Handling seems slightly quicker (a good thing) than I recall with the LOOK 695 SR, but this is a strong maybe, since I don’t have the two bikes side by side to compare.
  • Coming into a sweeper turn at high speed (30+ mph), and then pounding out 500+ watts in the big ring, the bike just takes off. WAY better than the noodly Trek Madone 6.9 SSL which is a pants-crapper in such scenarios; the LOOK 595 Ultra opens up new green pastures for dropping someone, which I thoroughly enjoyed. (If you know the big drop between the El Monte preserve gates on Page Mill Rd, this is the high speed drop and turn I mean— accelerate down hard, tuck, enter the turn, put all the power you have into it as it starts to rise).
  • In general, turning + high power input (400 watts or more), the bike just delivers; the rigidity of the frame makes such maneuvers invigorating.
  • Excellent power transfer, seated or standing.
  • The LOOK 595 Ultra does not have the same lively feel of the Moots Vamoots RSL, but it does have a nice responsiveness that gives excellent feedback, not a “dead” frame at all.
  • A really efficient overall feel to the bike. I feel absolutely no reason to think that the LOOK 695 SR would be preferable in this regard (stiffness).
  • The soft seat elastomer (red band on seat post) is the way to go; it has no impact on riding except that when a hard bump is hit, one’s butt bounces slightly, instead of the back taking a hard shock. It’s a terrific seat post and superior to a conventional one!
  • Very nice road feel even on rough pavement; good feedback, but the harsh high frequency vibrations are largely absorbed by the frame and seatpost. No doubt the wheelset helps here.
  • The Shimano Pro Vibe handlebar is a good match for the frame.
  • The Lightweight Obermayer wheelset seem particularly well suited to the bike, but the Lightweight Ventoux and Lightweight VR8 are also excellent.
LOOK 2010 595 Ultra frame
Shimano DuraAce Di2 electronic shifting
Lightweight Ventoux wheelset with Veloflex Record tires
Shimano PRO handlebar with Bontrager XXX stem
SRM 7950 power meter crankset
Chris King ceramic bottom bracket
Shimano DuraAce pedals
King titanium water bottle cages
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