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2010 LOOK '595 Ultra' Carbon Fiber Road Racing Bike

Last updated 2012-01-22 - Send Feedback
Related: bicycle power meter, Road Bikes, Shimano, SRM

The Look 595 Ultra carbon fiber road bike is the predecessor to the Look 695 SR, to which I took a great liking when I test rode it— but not to the $5500 price tag ($7500 for the paint style I’d want). And I have no use whatsoever for the fancy LOOK crankset, since I want to run an SRM power meter.

When a new-with-warranty Look 595 Ultra frame in my size popped up at Palo Alto Bicycles at a closeout price, I decided to give it a go. I would have preferred the white frame, but the frame is the black style.

Shown below is how I had it built using the parts from my Trek Madone 6.9 SSL. Shimano Di2 cable routing is external (unfortunately), since this frame does not have ports for internal routing.

See also the Build Notes page, and frameset details further below.

LOOK 2010 595 Ultra frame
Shimano DuraAce Di2 electronic shifting
Lightweight Ventoux wheelset with Veloflex Record tires
Shimano PRO handleber with Bontrager XXX stem
SRM 7950 power meter crankset
Shimano DuraAce pedals
King titanium water bottle cages

Get a deal— as of early 2012 as I write this, the LOOK 595 Ultra frameset was being blown-out by various dealers at rock bottom prices (around $2700). I’d suggest that it is a screaming deal compared to a LOOK 695 SR (around $5500 - $7000). And I prefer the 595 Ultra for its standard bottom bracket, since an SRM or DuraAce or Ultregra crankset pops right in with no adapter needed.

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According to LOOK:

  • 15% stiffer than the 595
  • Rigid bottom bracket
  • Nanotube reinforced lugs
  • Lightweight: 1050 gr

Competition specific frame suited for criteriums and for cyclists wanting a more rigid frame. Integrated E-post for more a more comfortable ride.

ULTRA TUBES SERIES — Tubes are specifically manufactured and recognizable by their UD finish (unidirectional carbon) make the 595 ULTRA 15% stiffer than the 595.

NEW HEAD FIT 2 HEADSET — The all new HEAD FIT2 Look patented headset ingeniously allows headset adjustment without loosening or moving the stem. Headset play is adjusted by tightening the carbon ring on the steerer tube. You can now replace your stem without affecting headset adjustment. The compression system that normally resides in the stem is replaced by a simple cap. Weight savings 40g.

E -POST SEAPOST (E = Elastomer adjustable) Vibration damping: 2 internal and 1 external elastomers dampen vibrations and absorb road shock. The E-post enhances comfort. Anti-rotation: Due to the elastomer system and the shape of the seatpost, it is not possible for the seatpost to slip or twist in the frame. The seatpost is stopped by the frame Seatpost attachment is better suited to carbon frames: 5 nm is sufficient torque to fix the seatpost Delivered with 3 elastomers of different hardnesses (soft-medium-hard)

SPECIFIC SHAPED TUBES— Individual tubes have been formed into shapes that better optimize lateral rigidity and conserve vertical suppleness, assuring a comfortable ride. The lugs have also been reinforced to offer an excellent rigidity-comfort ratio.

COMPRESSED FRAME DROPOUTS— Dropouts are moulded directly into the seat and chainstays. This method creates a monocoque rear triangle assuring strength and lightness.

LUG, SEAT TUBE AND SEATPOST ASSEMBLY The monocoque concept takes separate frame components and creates a one piece triangle. This technology allows excellent cohesion between the different frame parts to produce a bicycle with excellent equilibrium and handling.

CARBON BOTTOM BRACKET— By precisely positioning carbon fibers in the mold under very high pressure, a very light yet very rigid bottom bracket shell is produced.

ULTRA LIGHT CONCEPT LOOK— expertise in frame materials and construction creates ultra-light frames without compromising strength or rigidity.

HSC6 FORK— 100% monocoque fork weighing only 350 grams that complies with current standards. The blades, steerer and forkends are all molded into one monoque component. A 45o collar permits the bearings to be positioned directly on the crown of the fork. Lower bearings are oversized 1/4".

Look 695 carbon fiber road bike (generic photo)
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