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2011/2012 Look 695 SR — Test Bike Setup

Look 695 carbon fiber road bike

It was Palo Alto Bicycles (highly recommended) that made the Look 695 SR available to me for testing.


With my DuraAce pedals of my Trek, the above weighed in at 14.18 pounds. Since DuraAce PD-7900 pedals weigh 0.55 pounds, that’s a bike weight without pedals of 13.63 pounds. And that’s including the bottle cages, so take 1/10 off for 13.53 pounds. A Shimano DuraAce DI2 setup is heavier than SRAM Red, or so I understand.

My Trek Madone 6.9 SSL with Shimano DuraAce DI2, exact-same pedals and wheels weighs in at 14.3 pounds with the SRM 7950 power meter crankset and head unit, so the Trek would likely about the same, or even a bit lighter than the Look 695 above (if the Trek did not have the SRM power meter), since the Trek weighed in at 13.99 pounds before the SRM upgrade.

Bar tape/wrap

My Trek Madone 6.9 SSL has double bar tape, which is definitely more comfortable than a single layer.

The Look 695 SR test bike had a single layer bar wrap. So comfort increases significantly with a double wrap, and I would absolutely insist on it for the Look 695 SR for all-around riding.


I have a strong distaste for SRAM Red, and it was a relief to get back to Shimano DuraAce DI2 on my regular bike. But that is not a fault of the Look 695 SR frame, and it’s not what Look offers for their 25th Anniversary complete build (Look appropriately offers Shimano DuraAce DI2 and Lightweight wheels).

I would not consider building a frame as wonderful as the Look 695 SR with SRAM Red; SRAM Red shifting is not even in the same league as Shimano DuraAce DI2. SRAM Red shifting is, to be very nice about it, marginal compared to Shimano DuraAce DI2. Don’t get me started on the unidirectional go-the-wrong-way-if-shifted-not-enough-or-too-far nonsense with SRAM Red.

Worse, the SRAM levers just do not fit my hands where they connect to the brake hoods— a hard lump in the wrong place is a real pain in the hands (I had the same problem on the Moots Psychlo X RSL, which also use SRAM Red). It’s unusable for me in terms of long rides because there is just no comfortable grip for me.

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