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Lupine Betty II for Night-Time Photography

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Lupine Lighting Systems Betty II lamphead

The color balance of the Betty II is well matched between the 7 LEDs and cool daylight (not excessively blue), which means that the Betty is an excellent choice for painting with light at night.

However, there is a cyan/green cast with the latest LEDs, so dial in about +24 magenta in Adobe Camera RAW (always shoot RAW for night-time photos).

The 26° model is best for photography, because of its more uniform beam coverage so as to avoid hot spots in brightness when “painting” the scene.

However, to light distant objects, one might opt for a 16° lamphead also, as well as a 26° lamphead and use both together as needed.

Tip: strap the Betty to a short section of any cheap bike handlebar with a “T” end, so that the Betty can be placed on location and aimed. Of course, you can wear it with a headband or hold it, but sometimes as with this cabin shot, it is helpful to place a lamphead in a fixed position.

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Illumination for the cabin courtesy of the outstanding 2600-lumen Lupine Betty II LED light. The cabin is in the White Mountains of California.

For this image, I put one Lupine Betty inside the cabin, and used another to walk about and around to illuminate the background.

The 26° lamphead is the best choice for such work (18° and 22° are too narrow a beam for closer work). Along with the outstanding lens system, the lights are terrific for portable night-time photography.

Night-time photography with the Lupine Lighting Systems Betty II lamphead 26°

This image taken with the original Betty with a 16° lens.

Night-time photography with the Lupine Lighting Systems Betty lamphead 22°
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