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2011 Moots MootoX RSL — Build Components

2011-08-16 updated 2011-09-04 - Send Feedback
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Moots 2011 MootoX RSL 29er

My Moots MootoX RSL 29er was expertly built by Neil at Palo Alto Bicycles, a thorough guy (and encyclopedic with bike know-how), right down to breaking in new brake pads properly, bleeding the brakes perfectly, etc.

Weight as built:

Weighed built as detailed and shown below, with two bottle cages, wrap on chainstay, pedals 4 oz of Stan’s sealant per tire.


  • Rocket Ron tires, Bontrager Al bar: 22.86 pounds
  • Furious Fred tires, Bontrager Al bar: 21.7 pounds
  • Furious Fred tires, RockShox SID XX World Cup, Moots 26" Ti bar: 21.63 pounds

Other weights:

Dropping more weight

Changing out the stem, handlebar and seatpost to carbon fiber would likeliy save:

Moots Ti handlebar to Easton EC90: ~121g
Moots Ti seatpost to Easton EC90: TBD, minimimal savings likely
Thomson X4 100mm stem to Easton EC90: ~60g
Thomson X4 100mm stem to Moots Ti: TBD, minimal savings likely

But the titanium handlebar and seat post are more comfortable than stiff carbon, and more durable, so I deem these “upgrades” best used only for race duty only. The 4/10 of a pound or so savings is best taken off from body fat.

Weight weenies could possibly squeeze out another half pound by using one tube of tire sealant per tire instead of two (123g saved).

I would not personally compromise on any of those latter items; I prefer the longevity and durability and comfort of titanium.

Build list

Note that the 2011 Moots MootoX RSL is designed for 80mm of fork travel. The 2012 version is designed for 100mm of travel (not necessarily superior).

Where I got the build kit

I bought my build kit at, in Escondido, CA. BikeBling has a wide variety of cycling gear— give them a try. also supplied the Easton EC90 Carbon 29er wheelset, which amazingly is only 10% heavier than the 26" version.

Easton EC90 XC 26" carbon fiber wheelset
Moots 2011 MootoX RSL Titanium Hardtail 29er by
Moots Ti seatpost
Shimano XTR drivetrain and brakes
Chris King headset
Schwalbe Rocket Ron tubeless tires
King titanium cages
(temporary) Thomson X4 stem, (temporary) Bontrager aluminum handlebar
RockShox 2012 SID 29er fork
Brontrager Affinity InForm seat
Easton EC90 XC 29er ballistic carbon fiber wheels

* The temporary stem is temporary because I am unsure of stem angle and length. Once settled, the Moots titanium stem will be added.

Tires: tubes vs tubeless

After a short while, I went tubeless with Furious Fred 29 X 2.0" tires using Stan’s NoTubes sealant. Experience shows that this combination works superbly well for most riding.


I went with the Moots Ti handlebar. It offers just a tiny bit of “give”, which keeps my hands happier on longer rides.

Water bottle cages

The frame triangle easily accommodates dual water bottles. I had a 3rd bottle attachment custom-added to the bottom tube in case of really long rides.


The Shimano XTR brakes with resin pads offers outstanding modulation.


Shimano XTR 26 X 38 front crankset, and 11-36 cassette. The XTR 28 X 40 is possibly usable, but not advised, as chainstay clearance is whisker-thin.

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