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2011 Moots MootoX RSL — Image Gallery (Frame)

Last updated 2011-08-16 - Send Feedback
Related: Moots, mountain biking, Photography

This page shows the Moots MootoX RSL 18" frame.

Images taken with the Nikon D3s digital SLR and Nikon 60mm f/2.8G macro lens.

All images ©Copyright 2011 DIGLLOYD INC.
Do not use without prior written authorization.

MootoX RSL — rear triangle oblique view

A very strong rear triangle.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — rear triangle oblique view by

MootoX RSL frame with Moots titanium seat post

An elegant silver/black/white look with the red accents supplied by the Easton XC 90 carbon fiber wheelset.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL titanium frame and Moots titanium seatpost by

MootoX RSL — Moots badge

Moots head badge.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — Moot badge by

MootoX RSL — bottom bracket and rear triangle

With installed press-fit 30 bottom bracket.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — bottom bracket and rear triangle by

MootoX RSL — head tube

Clearance for a 29er fork and wheelset requires that the bottom tube rise as it approaches the head tube. The Moots solution is to impart a bend to the bottom tube.

I like this less than the straight tube of the Moots YBB 26, but the 29" wheels and longer fork leave little choice for a design made of metal tubes. Carbon fiber bikes can play other tricks since they can be molded to just about any shape.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — head tube and top/bottom tube by

MootoX RSL — seat tube.

Seat tube and adjoining tubes. The short tube projecting to the rear is where the YBB mechanism goes on a MootoX YBB 29er. Moots will likely offer for 2012 a MootoX YBB with the head tube and press fit bottom bracket of the MootoX RSL.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — seat tube by

Classic Moots welds, clean and elegant, and sure to last many years.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — seat tube welds and tubes by

MootoX RSL — bottom bracket welds

Classic Moots welds.

These sure look complicated to execute, with 360° welds in tight places. This area looks very strong in the way the tubes are joined.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — bottom bracket and adjoining tubes by

MootoX RSL — rear dropout

Replaceable rear dropout / derailleur hanger with brake mount visible below (left side of frame).

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — replaceable dropout by

MootoX RSL — frame rear

Frame rear.

For anyone ordering a frame, consider a 3rd water bottle carrier, which goes on the bottom tube under the Moots logo. I want the 3rd carrier to carry a Lupine 16.8 Ah lithium ion battery for my pair of Lupine Betty II 1850-lumen LED lights.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — frame rear by

MootoX RSL — cable routing

Under-tube cable routing.

A custom order can specify top routing (as on the Moots YBB 26), which I generally prefer so that when I pick up the bike my hand is not grasping the cables. However, this frame has the standard bottom routing.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL — cable routing by

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