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2012 Moots Psychlo X RSL — Image Gallery (Details)

2012-02-22 • SEND FEEDBACK
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Please see the previous page of images showing the bike as a whole.

Images taken with the Nikon D3s digital SLR and Nikon AF-S 24mm f/1.4G. To learn more about photography, see

All images ©Copyright 2012 DIGLLOYD INC. All Rights Reserved.
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Seat stays and rear brake

The red TRP mini V-brakes provide solid stopping power.

Note the absence of the cantilever brake post on the rugged rear seat stay which splits into two robust seat stays.

2012 Moots Psychlo X RSL titanium cyclocross bike — seat stays and rear brake

Front end

Moots ovalized top tube, beefy Moots downtube, Moots fork, flawless Moots welding, Chris King headset, Ritchey WCS260 stem, TRP mini V-brakes.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — front end

The top tube is strongly ovalized for easy portability. Note also the clean simplicity of cabling with DuraAce Di2 electronic shifting; the cables disappear into the frame at the opposite side.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — front end

The speed sensor is mounted on the fork.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — front end

Seat and seatpost and seat tube

The Bontrager Affinity RXL saddle works well for me. Shown mounted on the Ritchey Super Logic carbon seat post.

Observe that there is only one (1) cable along the top tube— for the rear brake; the other cables route internally to the Shimano DuraAce Di2 derailleurs.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — saddle, seat post, seat tube
Moots Psychlo X RSL — saddle, seat post, seat tube

Rear wheel and rear brakes

The TRP mini v-brakes in red, and the hand-built wheelset with DT Swiss 240s hubs. Note also the beefy rear-end frame.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — rear wheel and brakes
Moots Psychlo X RSL — rear wheel closeup with round (drive side) and bladed spokes

Shimano DuraAce Di2 electronic satellite thumb shifter

This satellite thumb shifter operates the rear shifting in addition to the usual controls on the brake levers (Shimano DuraAce Di2 has dual shifter ports).

Shimano DuraAce Di2 satellite shifter
Moots Psychlo X RSL — front end with stem, satellite Di2 shifter

TRP Mini V-Brakes

See the review of the TRP mini v-brakes.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — TRP mini v-brakes
TRP mini v-brakes

Front wheel

The hand-built wheel utilizing a DT Swiss 240s hub provides a comfortable yet high performance ride.

Moots Psychlo X RSL — front wheel with DT Swiss 240s hub

Shimano 'Trail' pedal

The Shimano DuraAce 'Trail' pedal has a broad platform for foot support (more so than the 'Race' model). But it also has aluminum guards surrounding the pedal.

I cut off the not-needed guards, reducing the 374 gram pedals to 335 grams (for comparison, 'Race' pedals are 305g, previous XTR pedals are 325g).

Moots Psychlo X RSL — Shimano 'Trail' pedal with guards pruned off
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