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Moots FrostTi: Paul Hubs + Surly Marge Lite Rims + Surly Endomorph Tires

The wheelset for the Moots FrosTi was built using Paul Components Engineering hubs mated to a pair of Surly 'Marge Lite' rims, hand-built over at Palo Alto Bicycles.

With tires. See the previous page for the wheelset without tires.

The wheelset

Hand-built wheelset (at PAB) using Paul Components Engineering hubs, Surly 'Marge Lite' rims, Surly Endomorph 3.7 tires.

With the tires inflated to ~20 PSI, the rim strip bulges out of the holes in the rim; these holes save about 1.5 pounds for the set over the solid rims.

Weight as shown: Front wheel: 3007 grams, rear: 3411 grams

Wheelset for Moots FrosTi with Paul Components hubs, Surly 'Marge Lite' rims, Surly Endomorph tires

Wheel with tire

Surly Marge Lite rim with Surly Endomorph 3.7 tire with Paul Components Engineering hubs.

Surly Marge Lite rim with Surly Endomorph 3.7 tire with Paul Components Engineering hubs

Rim strip bulges

The Surly Marge Lite rim saves 1.5 pounds from the cut-out hold in the rim. When inflated to ~20 PSI as here, the rim strip bulges a little as shown. Normal riding PSI in snow might be 6-8 PSI, and perhaps not more than 12 PSI even on dirt.

Surly Marge Lite rim with Surly Endomorph 3.7 tire

Surly Endomorph tread closeup

Not sure how well this tread works on snow or dirt until ridden.

Surly Endomorph 3.7 tire tread closeup

Compared to beefy 'Hans Dampf' 29er tire

The Schwalbe 'Hans Dampf' is a burly aggressive cross country mountain biking tire, but aside from its aggressive knobs, it looks positively svelte by comparison to the Surly Endomorph.

Because of the huge volume, a 26" rim with the Surly Endomorph is almost the same diameter as a 29er wheel and tire.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf 29 X 2.35 (left) and Surly Endomorph snow bike tire for Moots FrosTi

Compared to lightweight 26er tire

The Schwalbe Furious Fred is a mountain bike racing tire. As shown, these are both 26" wheelsets, but the huge Surly Endomorph tires increase the diameter substantially on the same size rim (as well as having wider hubs).

Schwalbe Furious Fred 26 X 2.00 (left) and Surly Endomorph tires for Moots FrosTi
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