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Ways To Improve the SRM Workout List

2011-04-06 updated 2012-03-21 • SEND FEEDBACK
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The main SRM software window is shown below.

Comments as of version 1.0.1 (March 2012).

Suggested improvements

Most of these are trivial, and would go a long way to improving this window, shown below.

  • The From year defaults to 1969, which is absurd. It should default to the oldest workout.
  • The From year resets to the default every time the software is launched. It should remember the last value entered.
  • The To year should default to the most recent workout.
  • Comments are discarded when the software exits, so this function is useless (a bug).
  • The date is unintelligible. Display it as a fixed-width field 2011-0406 13:24:17, so that all dates have the same width, and thus can be read at a glance.
  • Should be possible to sort by columns, e.g., to click on any column and sort up/down by that column.
  • User should be able to drag column order to personal preferences, and this order should be remembered.
  • A context-menu should allow adding or removing columns from view.
  • The Initials, File, Rim, Slop, Zero Offset columns should be hidden by default.
  • The ascent (total vertical gain) should be shown; it is missing.
  • Speed and distance should be shown to tenths, not rounded to whole numbers.
  • Separate the download and control functions into a new, small window; put the listing in its own separate window.
  • Selecting a workout should show a text summary that can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Should be possible to select any number of workouts, and by Copy to get a tab-delimited text onto the clipboard that can be pasted into a spreadsheet or email, etc.
  • Energy should be displayable as Kilojoules or kilocalories (user preference somewhere).
  • Window title should change to be something useful: “SRM Workouts 1/1/2011 - 4/6/11 for LLC".
  • Add text labels to the icons.
Main SRM software window
With list of files downloaded from the SRM head unit
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