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SRM Software for Mac OS

2011-02-14 updated 2012-03-21 - Send Feedback
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I don’t use a Windoze PC, so I can’t speak to the SRM software for Windows.

Version 1.01 is the latest as of March 2012.

You can use a variety of other training software, so you’re not stuck with the SRM software.

In a nutshell, the SRM software for Mac is basic, but useful for getting some utility out of the data that the Power Control 7 records. But it does not have the analytical capability of various other software, like Training Peaks.

You can:

  • Control the head unit and change settings (but there are bugs).
  • Download workouts and clear them out of the head unit.
  • Display a reasonably good graph, once extraneous data is excluded for clarity.

Screen shots

Downloaded files list

The main issue here is that the software will not remember window size, column order, sort order, etc, nor can one exclude some items. It’s OK, but not nearly as useful as it could be.

List of files downloaded from the SRM head unit


The garish colors, unreadable fonts, presentation of secondary data such as temperature, no ability to choose what data to display all make the graph cluttered and confusing for analysis with the core metric: power.

HOWEVER, version 1.0.1 now allows exclusion of any of the data, so that the graph can be cleaned up to be much more useful.

To the SRM software developers: please read The Visual Display of Quantitative Information @AMAZON, by Edward R. Tufte.

The main thing is power. Make that black. Make heart rate dark blue, and drop out all the other stuff by default (except perhaps the elevation). Remember the settings last used. Let a context-sensitive popup menu control what data series are shown instead of having to go to a dialog, etc.

SRM graph, default with all data shown— too hard to read
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