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Mercedes Sprinter Maintenance: Engine Oil

Last updated 2017-08-26 - Send Feedback
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I was advised by the folks at Mercedes of Reno to use Mobil 1 (103469-12PK) ESP Formula 5W-30 Motor Oil and that this oil is good down to 0°F, so no need to change it.

The 3.0L 6-cylinder engine takes about 12.5L / 3.3 US gallons of oil! Page 216 of the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter user manual discusses how to check the oil level. It also states:

For vehicles with a red oil dipstick, only check the oil level when the engine is at normal operating temperature.

For vehicles with a yellow oil dipstick, only check the oil level when the engine is cold.

My 2017 3.0L Sprinter 4x4 has a yellow dipstick, so the oil level check is with a cold engine.

Page 279 of the 2017 Mercedes Sprinter user manual states:

Do not add too much oil. Adding too much engine oil can result in damage to the engine or to the catalytic converter. Have excess engine oil siphoned off.

The on-board computer automatically shows the date for the next oil change as an event message in the display.

Depending on the driving style, the vehicle consumes a maximum of 1.0 qt (1.0 l) of engine oil over a distance of 620 miles (1000 km).

Oil consumption may be higher if:

- The vehicle is new.
- You mainly operate the vehicle under arduous operating conditions.
- You frequently drive at high engine speeds.

Regular maintenance is one of the preconditions for moderate rates of consumption. You can only estimate the oil consumption after you have driven a considerable distance.

Check the engine oil level on a regular basis, e.g. weekly or each time you refuel.

In the initial 1300 miles of usage, my Sprinter onboard computer did not request any additional oil, even though the above advice suggests that it ought to have burned through two quarts by that time. However, the dipstick when cold showed a level half way between MIN and MAX. It’s a bit contradictory, given what the manual states.

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