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Phase 2: Battery Placement

2018-01-23 • SEND FEEDBACK
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This page speaks to battery placement in Phase 2, in which a 2nd Lithionics 400 amp battery is installed in parallel with the first battery.

The 2nd battery has just enough room to fit (with the aluminum stand) between the wall and the Yeti cooler.

The support frame / stand for the 2nd batttery:

  • The frame sits lower than the stand for the 1st battery. This is unavoidable.
  • Must be positioned so that the terminal wiring and especially the wiring for the status panel does not project up too high (or the mattress will push down on it).
  • Must be positioned (height) so that the Yeti cooler hinges do not hit the battery.
  • The frame sits partly over the wheel well (as much as possible given height constraints), which means that on that side the base of the frame will be inset an inch or two, NOT right at the end.
  • There must be at least at 2-inch gap between the two stands (preferably 4 inches). This is so tripod legs can slot between the two batteries for storage.
  • Sorbothane to be used as with the first battery, so reduce vibration/shock.

These requirements means that the fit is tightly constrained in terms of height above the floor. That it can fit has been proven by pre-testing with an empty battery case and measuring the upward projection for terminals and wiring above the top of the case, as well as allowing for the extra width of the support stand.

Other notes:

  • Wall should be insulated especially well so that battery is not exposed to cold/heat. Consider additional layer of insulation on the wall side of the battery if there is room.
Placement of 2nd battery, wall-side view from above
Placement of 2nd battery, view from above
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