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Mercedes Sprinter Upfitting: My Choice of Upfitter, ADF Sprinters

2017-08-24 • SEND FEEDBACK
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Photographer and cyclist and Mac expert and software engineer Lloyd Chambers is available for consulting on general Sprinter considerations at his usual consulting rates via phone, or in person in the Palo Alto, CA area. Save yourself hours and mistakes by discussing issues up-front. More about Lloyd....

After looking at several outfits and being disappointed in various ways, my upfitter of choice is ADF Sprinters of San Fernando, California.

ADF Sprinters will customize just about anything—they are not constrained to cookie cutter builds as are many upfitters. Pricing is very reasonable. I worked closely with ADF Sprinters on my Sprinter van design; they were very flexible in responding to my specific and unusual needs.

There will be trhee phases of upfitting due to their schedule but mainly because of my peak photography season of September through mid November where I cannot have the van in the shop for weeks.

  • Phase 1 in early September 2017 taking about 4 days: battery and electrical, flooring and tie downs, windows, roof fan.
  • Phase 2 in February 2018: 2nd battery, redesign of the wiring panel, dual inverter/chargers, install custom table.
  • Phase 3 TBD: final insulation and walls, lighting, bike hanging system.

Update 12 September: phase 1 is complete, with some hiccups—the huge Xantrex Freedom 3012 was not viable for space reasons, so I went back and had the Xantrex Freedom XC installed). See example Battery, Wiring Panel, Inverter as Installed.

ADF Sprinters will customize anything; they fabricated the custom stand for the huge battery for example.

Lithionics 12V400A-5D-CTRL400 400 amp-hour battery and wiring panel and Xantrex XC inverter/charge in Mercedes Sprinter van

Before upfitting

See Before Upfitting.

Before any upfitting fresh from the dealer, high in the White Mountains of California at 11,500' elevation
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