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Introduction to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) for Vascular Therapy

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Legal disclaimer: since we are not doctors, never follow anything based on health-related topics on this or related sites without first consulting with your doctor or other trusted health professional. Most information here is either opinion/viewpoint stemming from personal experience and is thus NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

This introductory essay directly relates to three keen personal interests of mine: endurance/hard-core cycling, overall health and well-being, and recovery from my severe concussion, for which effects still linger 5 weeks after the crash and I expect will do so for some months.

For many years now, I’ve writen in my cycling blog about my view that cycling preserves youth and health in various ways, a theory of mine now proven specifically with cyclists.

Without good health, indeed optimal health, little else matters. Too many people work hard through stress and die by 65, or ealier. What is the point of a life of hard work followed by a brief period of incapacity and pain/suffering? Long-term health and vigor ought to be a #1 priority for any sane person.

My working theory as to why cycling (or similar exercise) is beneficial has been twofold: (1) it increases blood flow throughout the body, flushing out toxins and delivering oxygent and nutrients to all tissues of the body, and (2) it increases muscle tone and strength and quantity, and reduces body fat, particularly visceral fat. Not to mention endorphins, which is why after 200 miles I can feel great., as with the first two double centuries this year.

Exciting new vascular therapy

Very recently I ordered a class 1 medical device (no prescription needed, class 2a in Europe) that provides vascular therapy by greatly increasing blood flow in the smallest capillaries in the body. This increased flow supports the body’s own healing processes for anything that can benefit from increased blood flow. Medically proven in double-blind studies and with many case study papers, it is no gimmick, and it hugely outperforms devices operating on a “similar” technology, as proven in testing against 5 other devices.

My interest started out very simply: a personal one in treating myself. However, readers of my cycling blog know that the interest goes beyond personal, as per the hundreds of health-related posts in my cycling blog.

Regardless of whether it is prevention, regeneration, healing and recovery processes, improving the effectiveness of medication, preventing unnatural aging processes or increasing physical or mental performance—all of these body processes are directly related to the effectiveness of microcirculation.

Thus any activity or device that improves microcirculation in effect is a turbo boost to the body’s own mechanisms—not a cure, not a solution in itself, but an acceleration of internal physiological processes. Sedentary or injured people or anyone unable to exercise regularly and vigorously should find it particularly intriguing. Athletes like myself should find it highly beneficial in clearing out lactic acid and similar waste byproducts after a hard workout, as well as repairing overused muscle tissue. There are many other potential benefits, but I am not allowed to make such claims, only to refer to proven studies and such. Thus the generalizations. But consider that any kind of tissue repair requires a healthy blood flow; consider the diabetic amputee, the Olympic or casual athlete, the wound that won’t heal.

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