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Getting a PEMF Device for Vascular Therapy, Lloyd’s Choice

Photographer and cyclist and Mac expert and software engineer Lloyd Chambers is an Independent Bemer Distributor (IBD). More about Lloyd....

Legal disclaimer: since we are not doctors, never follow anything based on health-related topics on this or related sites without first consulting with your doctor or other trusted health professional. Most information here is either opinion/viewpoint stemming from personal experience and is thus NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

See my introductory essay on vascular therapy via pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF).

Personal note

My view is that good health, indeed optimal health, little else matters. Too many people work hard through stress and die by 65, or ealier. What is the point of a life of hard work followed by a brief period of incapacity and pain/suffering? Long-term health and vigor ought to be a #1 priority for any sane person.

In this regard it is compelling to me: improving my own health and well-being and that of others is a mission to be proud of. It is/was my original founding principle for founding this web site: helping myself by helping others. Different areas, same principle.

Recovery from extreme workouts

Unprecedented fast recovery using vascular therapy: see Recovering in 40 Hours After Finishing Alta Alpina = Unprecedented — Using Bemer® Vascular Therapy Intensively.

What I’m using for PEMF

Micro circulation is not a cure or solution in and of itself. Rather, it helps the body heal and improve itself. Waste products are removed, oxygen and nutrients delivered to tissue.

My device of choice for vascular therapy via pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF) cannot be listed here for certain protocol reasons, but contact Lloyd for more information. Studies of the device I use against other PEMF devices prove that the one I use is far superior. Its engineering quality is top notch, its warranty is excellent, and it is proven in the field.

My personal view is that (quality) PEMF can improve quality of life, considerably so for some people. I base this on personal experience as well as double-blind medical studies and other specialized medical case studies.

NOT having the device versus spending vast sums on doctors who in the end can think only in terms of one body part and which pill regimen to use—well, that is a error in thinking about health, because good overall health does not come from any of that, and specific issues arise from impaired overall health.

This explanatory video discusses the concepts.

Contact Lloyd Chambers for further information.

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