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White Mountain Peak MTB — Stats

White Mountain Peak ride statistics are covered here.

Distance and elevation to the locked gate just short of Barcroft station were gathered by driving the route prior to the event day.

Elevation numbers (and distance)

Distance is within 0.1 miles.

The GPS device had a constellation of 11 satellites for high accuracy, and was spot-checked against another unit; both agreed within 20 feet. Elevations were also spot checked another day.

While GPS altitude can have some error, it is generally better than a barometric altimeter, especially with changing weather conditions (and this was proven beyond a doubt with the Garmin Edge 500, which uses its barometric reading and was way off). Thus, the actual elevation figures might be off (slightly), but the elevations should be consistent as they were taken within a few hours of each other.

Past the locked gate, the summit elevation is known, and delta-values between dips and minor summits were obtained from the Garmin Edge 500 recorded data to infer the elevation of the high and low points between the gate and summit.


Distance: 32.3 miles, ~64 round trip
Owens River to White Mountain Peak summit, snow meant road short-circuited up loose scree slope near summit, so could vary somewhat.

Elevation gain: 14750
Precise calculation would require taking into account all minor dips, this figure should be accurate to within a few hundred feet and of course accounts for both ways.

Time: 9.5 hours “roll time”, about 15 hours clock time
Stopped a lot to take pictures, and this was not efficient for a fast time.. Very slow going at summit due to snow that caused a detour up a very loose scree (talus) slope. Also, the faster rider waited for slower rider so this ride was not about minimizing time.

Water: less than two gallons per person, but weather was cool due to early start and cool weather once Silver Canyon summit was reached.

Caloric intake: approximately 2000 in the form of Gu energy gel, Hammer Perpetuem, Accelerade, “100 Grand” candy bars (3 each).

Details (2012)

Statistics for 2012.

The Garmin Edge 500 read 13404' at the 14,252' summit, 848' too low. Its total ascent was way off, by about 1100', an error of 8% or so. It is a buggy a device as my review describes, showing an absurd descent on some of the steepest terrain of the Silver Canyon ascent.

Distance: 65.21
Riding Time: 8:41:22
Max speed:  41.7 mph
Calories:  ~6000
Average heart rate:  121
Max heart rate:  177
Ascent:  13660 (WRONG, low by about 1100')
(times include all stops for photos, resupply, etc)
Start time:  3:41: AM
Summit time: 11:40 AM
Finish time: 14:12 PM
Descend from camp to Owens River: 16:29
Silver Canyon gate to summit: 69:32
Silver Canyon summit to Patriarch Grove: 67:17
Final summit ascent: 37:08
Summit back to camp:  2:26:29
Elevation profile from Owens River up Silver Canyon via White Mountain Road to summit of White Mountain Peak

Details (2011)

Detailed statistics for 2011 below; see notes above.

Ride mileage and elevation from Owens River up Silver Canyon via White Mountain Road to summit of White Mountain Peak
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