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2024-01-14 My Most-Used Software, Enhanced: BBEdit 15

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2024-02-03 City Journal: Tapping the Brakes on Electric Vehicles

2024-02-02 Electric Vehicles: a Multi-Pronged Menace with Few if any Benefits?


2023-05-02 ChatGPT Medical Support Better Than Humans, Worries About Missing Human Touch Remain

2023-04-07 AI is Already Defaming Public Figures with Made-Up Stuff

2023-02-09 ChatGPT: the DAN Protocol Filter, Hacking the AI to Disrupt Viewpoint Discrimination

2023-02-09 AI Cannot and Can Never be Trusted; Humanity Stands at the Edge of a Precipice

2023-02-07 ChatGPT: Calculating EV Charging Power Requirements

2023-02-03 ChatGPT: Disrupting Reality Itself, a Boon for Humanity, and a Totalitarian Monoculture

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: the Weather

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: Woodchuck

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: Self Defense Firearm, Self-Defense for Women

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: ROI for a Solar Install, IRR

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: My Cat Tigger

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: Grass-Fed A2 Whole Milk, Most Scientific Studies are False

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: Genetic Cross of a Cat with a Dog

2023-02-02 ChatGPT: Computational Photography

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