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Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race 2012 / 2013

The most challenging cycling road race in the USA?.

Double Centuries, Centuries and Similar

Some great and not so great miles..

Training and Recovery and Illness

Tips on avoiding problems..


Analysis of various workouts..

2010 LOOK '595 Ultra' Carbon Fiber Road Racing Bike

Fast, stiff predecessor to the 695 SR..

2011/2012 Look 695 SR Carbon Fiber Road Racing Bike

Precise handling, superb stiffness, reasonable comfort..

Moots 2012 Vamoots RSL Titanium Road Racing Bike

The world’s best titanium road bike?.

2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL Carbon Fiber Road Bike

A pinnacle of road bike strength, comfort and power transfer..

Road Bike Parts

Saddles, bars, etc..

Training With a Power Meter

Tips on using a power meter for training and racing and events..

SRM Power/Watt Meter and SRM Power Control 7

The watt meter used by the pros..

Stages Cycling Power Meter

Versatile left-side crank power / watt meter for road, mountain, BMX, track bikes..

Shimano Dura Ace 7900 DI2

The best drivetrain and shifting ever designed?.

Moots 2012 Psychlo X RSL Titanium Cyclocross Bike

A versatile high-performance ride for mixed off and on road pleasure..

Various Gear

Biking related items for fun or safety or performance..

Blog posts


2016-05-25 Shimano DuraAce Di2 Supports the Ultegra 11-32 Cog Cassette After All!


2015-12-17 Keeping the Pounds Off + Fat Loss, Muscle Mass, Bone Density, Training, BMI, DEXA

2015-11-08 Why Every GPS Overestimates Distance Traveled

2015-03-29 Calibrating for Distance and Speed Accuracy (Tire Circumference), 700 X 22C vs 700 X 25C

2015-03-29 Analyzing Power Meter Accuracy: Time vs Weight and Watts


2014-08-21 First Look: Stages Cycling Power Meter Crank on Mountain Bike

2014-08-18 Stages Cycling Power Meter: Mechanical Damage on 2nd Ride from Rock Slam (bummer)

2014-03-16 To Draft or Not to Draft: What Does it Accomplish?

2014-03-10 SRM DuraAce 9000 Power Meter (11 speed)

2014-03-04 Power Meters and Battery Life

2014-03-03 Pioneer Electronics SGY-PM910H Power Meter (DuraAce or Ultegra)

2014-02-26 SRM DuraAce 9000 and 9050 Compact: Interchangeable Crank Arm Length

2014-02-25 FOR SALE: SRM Power Meter Cannondale Hollowgram SL Crankset (Road) (50 X 34 rings)

2014-01-19 Three Strong Days on Little Sleep and Champagne Fueling


2013-10-14 FOR SALE: SRM Power Meter Cannondale Hollowgram SL Crankset (Road) (50 X 34 rings)

2013-10-11 Pedal Symmetry is Not a 'Given'

2013-07-21 Training Progress

2013-07-21 SRM Crank Repair and Great Service Turnaround

2013-06-04 The Left Knee Remains a “Project”: Little Progress, but some Insights and Advice

2013-03-13 Make Sure Pedals are Symmetric!

2013-02-08 Knee Ache — Followup


2012-11-04 In Praise of the SRM Power Meter

2012-11-04 In Praise of the Moots Vamoots RSL Titanium Road Racing Bike

2012-10-22 Everest Challenge 2012 Ride Notes

2012-10-04 Everest Challenge 2012 Power Data

2012-07-01 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 1st Finisher, 2nd Place

2012-03-21 SRM Updates the SRM Mac Software for SRM Power Meters to v1.0.1

2012-03-19 New SRM Cannondale Hollowgram Power Meter (Resolved)

2012-03-06 Death Valley Double Century As a Self-Supported Ride — DONE!

2012-02-19 Moots Psychlo X RSL Imminent

2012-02-14 Moots Vamoots RSL Road Racing Frame and Fork

2012-02-10 Moots Vamoots RSL ~ Feb 15

2012-02-03 An Endurance Workout with Power Analysis

2012-01-27 Moots Vamoots RSL Next Week

2012-01-21 LOOK 2010 595 Ultra Road Cycling Frame


2011-12-22 Moots Vamoots RSL Riding Notes + Build

2011-12-02 Look 695 SR — Riding Notes With the SRM Power Meter

2011-12-01 Look 695 SR with SRM Power Meter

2011-11-28 Cycling Tips: How I Train (in brief)

2011-11-26 Testing and Maybe Building Up a Moots Vamoots RSL Road Bike

2011-11-16 Look 695 SR Carbon Fiber Road Bike

2011-10-30 Weight Up, Power Up Still = New Personal Best on Old La Honda Road

2011-09-17 My Racing Bike for the Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race Sept 24/25

2011-09-12 Backing Off Training Can Bump Up Performance by Allowing Recovery

2011-08-17 A Whisker Away from a Personal All-Time Best on Old La Honda Road

2011-06-08 My 53 X 39 SRM Power Meter Cranks For Sale

2011-05-17 Consistency of SRM Power Meter

2011-05-07 Accuracy of SRM Power Meter Wattage

2011-04-16 Bugs in SRM Hardware and Software

2011-04-13 SRM 7950 Compact Double Power Meter Crankset With 50 X 34 Chainrings

2011-02-26 Computing Calories with SRM Power Meter

2011-02-14 SRM Power Meter Software for Mac OS

2011-02-11 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL arrived!

2011-02-10 New Trek Madone 6.9 SSL Arrives Feb 11

2011-02-09 Trek Madone 6.9 with Shimano DI2 | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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