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Concussion / Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) AKA concussion, a personal experience report..

Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race 2012 / 2013

The most challenging cycling road race in the USA?.

Double Centuries, Centuries and Similar

Some great and not so great miles..

Bike Fit

Proper fits means higher power, greater endurance and comfort, and lower risk of injury..

Fast Ascents/Climbs With Lower Total Weight

Focusing on bike weight alone is often not the most cost effective way to cut weight..

Training and Recovery and Illness

Tips on avoiding problems..


Analysis of various workouts..

2011/2012 Look 695 SR Carbon Fiber Road Racing Bike

Precise handling, superb stiffness, reasonable comfort..

Training With a Power Meter

Tips on using a power meter for training and racing and events..

SRM Power/Watt Meter and SRM Power Control 7

The watt meter used by the pros..

Various Gear

Biking related items for fun or safety or performance..

Blog posts


2022-01-06 Could Cardiologists be Endangering Patients by Pushing Blood Pressure Meds?

2022-01-01 Cardiac Stress Test Echocardiogram up to Max Heart Rate, with a Surgical Mask


2021-12-19 A Breakthrough Training Day, Followed by an ER Visit for Chest Pain

2021-10-27 Sebastian Rushworth MD: “Is intense exercise bad for your heart?” (a critique)

2021-07-27 Trying to Break Through Long-Haul COVID


2020-11-04 Long-Haul COVID: WSJ — Doctors Begin to Crack Covid’s Mysterious Long-Term Effects


2019-02-12 Resting Heart Rate — Bradycardia


2018-07-21 2018 Death Ride report updated with an analysis of the effort: power in watts, heart rate, elevation, time, temperature

2018-02-24 2018 Double Century #1: Camino Real Double Century in Irvine, CA

2018-02-08 My Most Incredible Ride In Years


2016-09-24 Heart Damage from Excessive Endurance Training?


2015-04-10 Training: Repeats with Consistent Power, Heart Rate, Time

2015-03-22 Three Double Centuries, a Week Apart

2015-02-18 Training and Fitness: Why and How to Track Morning Resting Heart Rate (MRHR)


2014-02-21 The 'Breakout Day'

2014-01-17 Winter Drought Makes for July Riding in January


2012-12-16 Thoughts on Higher Power / Wattage and Physiological Demands

2012-10-04 Everest Challenge 2012 Power Data

2012-03-09 Analyzing Power Output During the Death Valley Double Century

2012-02-20 Lactate Threshold Workout with Power and Heart Rate Analysis


2011-09-12 Backing Off Training Can Bump Up Performance by Allowing Recovery

2011-09-05 Cross-training For Improved Strength and Fitness, and to Avoid Boredom: Road and MTB

2011-08-28 Reader Suggests Cross Training for Breaking Through Weight Loss Resistance

2011-08-22 Power, Heart Rate, Fueling, Recovery For a 5-Hour Training Ride

2011-06-27 Training Using Repeated Climbs In One Workout Session

2011-05-29 Just About Over an Unpleasant Respiratory Infection— Thoughts on Training

2011-05-13 Training Weight Loss Tips

2011-04-26 Thoughts on Power to Weight, and Cycling Comfort, Perceived Effort

2011-04-01 Training Progress For Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race

2011-03-25 Gauging Training Levels Years Later from Prior Year Training Records

2011-03-14 Training In Hot Conditions, Heart Rate Monitors and Max Heart Rate

2011-02-10 Training progress for the Everest Challenge


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