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2022-01-06 Could Cardiologists be Endangering Patients by Pushing Blood Pressure Meds?


2020-05-28 Ultra Endurance Exercise: Nutrient Deficiency in Magnesium, Iodine, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium? (Tailwind Endurance Fuel Boosts Me)

2020-02-15 Can an Extreme Endurance Athlete Have an Early Heart Attack? CT Coronary Calcium Scan, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Statins, Atherosclerosis, etc (UPDATE with a cardiologist viewpoint)


2019-02-02 Various Interesting Health Findings in Science Daily: Exercise and Hidden Fat, Extreme Exercise and Heart Disease, Fasting, Brain and Fasting, Peripheral Neuropathy


2018-02-09 Progress on Shedding Body Fat, Thoughts on Winning

2018-02-02 Is it Possible to Lose 4 Pounds of Body Fat in 7 Days?

2018-01-27 A Recovery Ride After a Hard Workout or 'How to Burn Off a Pound of Fat in One Day'

2018-01-20 Body says “GO”, so Aggressively Pushing up Fitness and Body Fat Down for 2018


2016-06-17 Dropping Body Fat After Fall/Winter Gains: Success!

2016-01-26 Dropping Body Fat After Fall/Winter Gains


2015-12-17 Keeping the Pounds Off + Fat Loss, Muscle Mass, Bone Density, Training, BMI, DEXA

2015-02-21 How to lose ~1 Pound of Body Fat in a Single Day

2015-01-28 BMI (Body Mass Index): Junk Science


2014-04-06 Analyzing 2014 Training Weight Loss Efforts: Calories, Weight, Body Fat

2014-02-23 How Fat Loss Actually Goes in Practice

2014-02-21 The 'Breakout Day'


2013-07-23 When Weight Plateaus in Spite of Caloric Deficit

2013-07-11 The Body Fat Game

2013-07-08 Back in The Game


2012-05-07 HDL Cholesterol and Body Fat

2012-01-31 After Such Big Gains, How to Train in 2012?


2011-09-14 DEXA Scan: Body Fat at 7.9%

2011-08-28 Reader Suggests Cross Training for Breaking Through Weight Loss Resistance

2011-08-22 Power, Heart Rate, Fueling, Recovery For a 5-Hour Training Ride

2011-06-19 Caloric Deficit, DEXA scan for Body Fat

2011-06-05 A Fascinating Analysis of Multi-Month Caloric Deficit With Respect to Body Fat

2011-06-04 The Body Weight “Set Point”

2011-05-21 Maximize Climbing Speed by Lowering Body Fat — Body Weight Set Point Breakthrough

2011-05-11 The Body Weight “Set Point”

2011-04-16 Body Weight and Climbing Speed

2011-04-14 How I’m Shedding the Body Fat: 202 => 185 Pounds in 103 days

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