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Vascular Therapy for Improved Health

Vascular Therapy for Faster Recovery After Workouts, Faster Healing, general health via Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF).

Concussion / Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) AKA concussion, a personal experience report..

Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race 2012 / 2013

The most challenging cycling road race in the USA?.

Rides and Climbs

Various rides, climbs, etc..

Double Centuries, Centuries and Similar

Some great and not so great miles..

Bike Fit

Proper fits means higher power, greater endurance and comfort, and lower risk of injury..

Nutrition and Food

Tips on how to eat and recover when training and racing..

Training and Recovery and Illness

Tips on avoiding problems..

SRM Power/Watt Meter and SRM Power Control 7

The watt meter used by the pros..

Stages Cycling Power Meter

Versatile left-side crank power / watt meter for road, mountain, BMX, track bikes..

Clothing, helmets, shoes, sunglasses, etc

Biking related items that one wears..

Cool and Cold Weather Cycling Clothing

Don’t shiver with cold feet and hands..

Various Gear

Biking related items for fun or safety or performance..


Photography and cycling..

Lupine Betty, Wilma, Piko Bike Lights

The best lights you can buy for cycling or hiking..

Blog posts


2021-11-24 Bicycling Safety: DiNotte Quad RED Tail Light


2020-03-19 Smart Move with COVID-19: Boost Your Immune System with Sleep, Outdoors, Lowering Stress, Eating Well

2020-02-15 Can an Extreme Endurance Athlete Have an Early Heart Attack? CT Coronary Calcium Scan, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Statins, Atherosclerosis, etc (UPDATE with a cardiologist viewpoint)


2019-07-01 Three Top Notch Professionals to Help Your Body Health and Cycling Performance

2019-03-26 Comments on 'Pro Cyclists Open Up About Depression'


2018-07-25 The Best Performance Enhancer for Cycling: Drafting

2018-04-25 Vascular Therapy for Faster Recovery After Workouts, Faster Healing, etc

2018-03-12 Benefit of Cycling as Aging Progresses: Stronger Immune System, Muscle Tissue 30 Years Young


2017-01-05 Wearables for Cycling: Something Good Will Surely Evolve, but as for Now...


2016-12-23 Preparing for Cycling 2017 — Squats and Lat Pulldowns

2016-09-24 Heart Damage from Excessive Endurance Training?

2016-08-09 Experience Report: Revo Guide S Sunglasses, Particularly for Cycling

2016-06-17 Dropping Body Fat After Fall/Winter Gains: Success!

2016-04-16 Are Grains the Culprit in Health and Weight? Is 'Wheat Belly' a Crackpot Diet? (UPDATED through 29 April)

2016-01-26 Dropping Body Fat After Fall/Winter Gains

2016-01-03 Ibex Woolies 2 Earflap Beanie: Keep Ears Warm and Perspiration Contained in the Cold, Including Under a Cycling Helmet

2016-01-01 Ibex Woolies 3 Hoody: Outstanding for Cold Weather Cycling


2015-04-05 4+ Years of Road Cycling

2015-03-01 The High Quality Camera for Cycling


2014-08-21 First Look: Stages Cycling Power Meter Crank on Mountain Bike

2014-08-21 Stages Replaces Damaged Crank Overnight

2014-08-18 Stages Cycling Power Meter: Mechanical Damage on 2nd Ride from Rock Slam (bummer)

2014-04-19 Lupine Betty R 4500-lumen Cycling Light (or Headlamp)

2014-03-06 Apple’s CarPlay: iOS in the Car = Deadly New Distractions?

2014-02-08 Rides in 2014 to Prepare for the 2014 Everest Challenge


2013-07-30 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light to go to a whopping 4500 Lumens

2013-05-12 Popliteus Muscle and Knee Pain

2013-05-09 A Brief Update: Shoulder, Training, etc

2013-04-30 Sony DSC-RX100: Perfect Cycling Camera?

2013-03-28 Training Restarts as the Virus Retreats

2013-01-22 Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Barrier Cycling Tight (Built-in Chamois)

2013-01-22 IbexWear Wool Jersey, Climawool Jacket, Wool Gloves

2013-01-21 My Plans for Training (Cycling) in 2013


2012-12-03 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

2012-11-20 Getting a Precise and Optimal Bike Fit — in San Francisco

2012-11-17 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

2012-11-09 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

2012-10-10 White Mountain Peak Cycling Videos

2012-08-24 Wasp Stings — A Cycling hazard

2012-06-05 Coffee-Up Before a Ride?

2012-02-23 Nutrition for a Double Century

2012-02-18 Cool Weather Cycling: Shak Two Layer Glove

2012-02-15 Being Fit and Having High VO2 Max Keeps You Younger

2012-02-01 Indoor Trainers, Ride Around Mt Ranier In One Day (RAMROD)

2012-01-21 LOOK 2010 595 Ultra Road Cycling Frame


2011-12-16 Need a Camera for Stills or Video for Cycling, or a Big-Screen TV for After the Ride?

2011-12-09 Lupine Betty II LED Lighting System for Cycling or Night-time Photography

2011-12-04 Base Layer, Under-Helmet Wool Cap, and Tights for Cold Weather Riding

2011-11-28 Cycling Tips: How I Train (in brief)

2011-11-24 The iPhone 4s as a Camera for Cycling

2011-11-24 My 2011 Cycling Accomplishments

2011-11-17 Efficiency On a Bike

2011-08-09 Some Things Are Worth the Weight — Lupine Lights For Cycling

2011-06-25 Blackburn AirStik SL Ultra Light Pump For Road Cycling

2011-06-19 Pearl Izumi 'Octane SL II' Road Cycling Shoes

2011-04-26 Thoughts on Power to Weight, and Cycling Comfort, Perceived Effort

2011-04-07 Why I Ride Exclusively on Tubular Sew-up Tires For Road Cycling

2011-04-03 iPhone App for Your Cycling — Strava

2011-03-30 Giro Prolight SLX Ultra-light Road Cycling Shoes

2011-03-28 Some Things Are Worth the Weight — Lupine Lights For Cycling

2011-03-05 Garmin Edge 500 Cycling Computer Review Posted

2011-02-26 Road Biking in Death Valley National Park


2006-12-26 The most comfortable winter jersey ever

2006-12-19 On cycling

2006-08-02 Ergomo Pro power meter | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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