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Double Centuries, Centuries and Similar

Some great and not so great miles..

Road Bike Wheels

General discussion of road bike wheelsets.

Road Bike Clincher Tires and Tubes

Tires and tubes (clincher)..

Tubular / Sew-Up Tires For Road Biking

Tubular / sew-up and Clincher Tires, tire sealant, etc..

Lightweight Ventoux 240 Carbon Fiber Tubular Wheelset

The best climbing wheelset that money can buy?.

Lightweight 'Obermayer' Carbon Fiber Tubular Wheelset

The best racing wheelsets that money can buy?.

Lightweight Autobahn VR 81mm Aero Wheel

Fast aerodynamic comfortable front wheel..

Lightweight VR8 Front Wheel

Fast aerodynamic front wheel (discontinued)..

Moots 2012 Psychlo X RSL Titanium Cyclocross Bike

A versatile high-performance ride for mixed off and on road pleasure..

Tires For Cyclocross

Tubular / Sew-up and Open Tubular / Clincher tires for Cyclocross..

Wheel For Cyclocross

Wheelsets for cyclocross..

Mountain Bike Wheels and Tires

Choosing a mountain bike, wheels, tires..

Blog posts


2018-07-06 Reader Comment: Using Carogna Effetto Mariposa tubular tape for Tubular Tires

2018-06-27 Reader Comment: Tubular Tires

2018-05-07 First Look: the Lightweight Mielenstein Schwarz Edition 24mm-wide-rim Tubular Wheelset with Veloflex Vlaanderen 27C Tires

2018-03-06 Just Arrived: Lightweight Autobahn VR Front Wheel with Ceramic Speed Bearings, Schwarz Edition


2015-12-14 Extreme Long term: Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C

2015-09-21 Long term: Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C

2015-07-18 Veloflex Vlaanderen 700 X 27C Tubular: Fantastic for the Alta Alpina Challenge.

2015-07-18 Alta Alpina Aborted — Stomach Issues

2015-07-17 Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C: Putting to the test for Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2015-06-26 Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C: Ride Quality on the Moots Vamoots RSL

2015-05-26 Arrived: Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C

2015-03-01 FOR SALE: ZIPP 404 tubular rear wheel


2014-11-21 Winter Tires: for Tubulars, One Great Choice, the Veloflex Roubaix


2012-06-17 The Best Ride (Wheels and Tires)

2012-06-16 Are 25C Tires More Efficient and/or More Comfortable?

2012-03-14 Are Wider Road Bike Tires Faster?

2012-02-10 Stan’s NoTubes Sealant for Repair of Road or Cyclocross Tubular Tires


2011-11-18 Lightweight VR8 Carbon Fiber Tubular Racing Wheel

2011-09-17 My Racing Bike for the Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race Sept 24/25

2011-07-20 Side-cut Tubular Tire Flat

2011-06-04 Tufo Colibri Tubular Tires for MTB

2011-04-21 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Carbon Fiber On the Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

2011-04-20 Tire Sealant for Tubular (Sew-up) Tires

2011-04-20 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Carbon Fiber Wheelset First Ride Impressions

2011-04-18 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Carbon Fiber Wheelset Has Arrived, Image Gallery Posted

2011-04-07 Why I Ride Exclusively on Tubular Sew-up Tires For Road Cycling

2011-04-07 Tubular Tire Flats and Service Life

2011-03-29 Update on Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Wheelset

2011-03-07 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Wheelset

2011-02-17 Veloflex High Performance Tubular and Clincher Tires for Road Bicycles

2011-02-13 Lightweight Ventoux 240 carbon fiber wheelset reviewed


2006-12-20 More on wheelsets

2006-12-19 Zipp Z3 wheelset and Veloflex Servizio Corse tires—impressions

2006-07-31 Zipp Z3 tubular wheels with ceramic bearings | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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