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Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race 2012 / 2013

The most challenging cycling road race in the USA?.

Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race — 2011

Details from the 2011 race..

Double Centuries, Centuries and Similar

Some great and not so great miles..

Fast Ascents/Climbs With Lower Total Weight

Focusing on bike weight alone is often not the most cost effective way to cut weight..


Analysis of various workouts..

Blog posts


2018-07-06 Counting Up My Double Centuries and Double Centuries in 2018

2018-03-12 Counting Up My Double Centuries


2015-08-03 Everest Challenge 2015: Not Happening as far as I can tell


2014-10-03 Everest Challenge 2014: Ugly Weather, Minor Illness Leads to DNF

2014-09-17 Off to Everest Challenge 2014: September 26/27

2014-03-20 Death Ride or Everest Challenge Not Hard Enough? Try the ’Four Horsemen of the Solstice’

2014-03-16 To Draft or Not to Draft: What Does it Accomplish?

2014-02-19 Discipline of Getting the Fat Down for Optimal Power-to-Weight

2014-02-08 Rides in 2014 to Prepare for the 2014 Everest Challenge

2014-01-01 Base Training and Getting the Fat Down


2013-12-30 Everest Challenge 2014: September 26/27

2013-08-26 Everest Challenge Results

2013-08-17 Acclimatizing for the Everest Challenge

2013-08-10 8 Ascents of Old La Honda Road: Can I Handle the Everest Challenge?

2013-08-07 Training Back to Normal

2013-08-07 Eat More, Lose More Weight?

2013-08-04 Minor training Setbacks

2013-07-28 Hitting the Hunger Wall (Physiological “Starvation Mode”?)

2013-07-27 Cooling Vest for Dealing With Hot Riding Conditions?

2013-07-15 Tracking the Caloric Deficit — First Week

2013-07-12 Tracking the Caloric Deficit

2013-07-11 The Body Fat Game

2013-07-11 Assessing Performance Ascending At a Higher Body Weight

2013-07-11 2013 Everest Challenge Stage Race

2013-07-08 Back in The Game

2013-03-13 Everest Challenge 2013 is a Month Earlier — Late August

2013-02-28 Shoulder Healing, Left Knee Happy or So I Hope


2012-10-22 Everest Challenge 2012 Ride Notes

2012-10-04 Everest Challenge 2012 Power Data

2012-10-04 2012 Everest Challenge Results

2012-09-21 9500' Is Not Sea Level, So Say My Lungs and Heart at Tioga Pass, Aerobic Energy at High Elevation

2012-09-08 The Everest Challenge Sept 28-30 Could Use Some Aid Station Volunteers

2012-09-08 My Race Prep for the 2012 Everest Challenge Coming on Sept 28-30

2012-06-16 Everest Challenge 2012

2012-02-08 Training for 2012 Everest Challenge — Double Centuries


2011-11-17 Efficiency On a Bike

2011-10-03 Everest Challenge — The Experience

2011-10-03 Eat at Dick’s in Big Pine, CA any Day, or after the Everest Challenge

2011-09-26 Everest Challenge — Success!

2011-09-17 My Racing Bike for the Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race Sept 24/25

2011-09-16 Everest Challenge Stage 1 Course REVERSED in 2011

2011-09-12 Backing Off Training Can Bump Up Performance by Allowing Recovery

2011-09-05 Cross-training For Improved Strength and Fitness, and to Avoid Boredom: Road and MTB

2011-08-28 Reader Suggests Cross Training for Breaking Through Weight Loss Resistance

2011-07-15 Everest Challenge— Weight Down, Fitness is There, Two Months to Go

2011-06-29 Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race With 29,000 Feet of Climbing, Sept 24/25, 2011

2011-06-27 Training Using Repeated Climbs In One Workout Session

2011-05-29 Just About Over an Unpleasant Respiratory Infection— Thoughts on Training

2011-05-13 Training Weight Loss Tips

2011-04-26 Thoughts on Power to Weight, and Cycling Comfort, Perceived Effort

2011-04-01 Training Progress For Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race

2011-03-25 Gauging Training Levels Years Later from Prior Year Training Records

2011-02-18 Ride the Real Tour de France Just Like the Pros!

2011-02-10 Training progress for the Everest Challenge

2011-02-09 Trek Madone 6.9 with Shimano DI2

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