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Concussion / Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Recovering from a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) AKA concussion, a personal experience report..

Mercedes Sprinter Options

Huge array of build options and after-market add-ons..

Mercedes Sprinter Interior Design

My choices for a photography adventure van..

Mercedes Sprinter Upfitting

Building out the van for functionality and comfort..

Magnets Solve All Sorts of Interior and Exterior Challenges

Mount or hold all sorts of things with magnets..

Inexpensive and Cool Things To Do

Simple and inexpensive comfort in your van..

Mercedes Sprinter / RV Electrical

Charging systems, batteries, inverters..

RV Batteries and Cabling (General)

Battery choice, charging, wiring, etc.

Wiring a 10 kilowatt dual-battery High Amperage Battery System

Key points must be followed, execution gets tricky for space reasons..

Outdoor and Operational Considerations

Safety and reliability..

Mercedes Sprinter Maintenance

Getting long life and good performance..

Mercedes Sprinter Issues and Breakdowns

Problems observed with the 2017 Sprinter..

Mercedes Sprinter Revisions, Wiring and Table

Planning out work to be done..

Rides and Climbs

Various rides, climbs, etc..

Tubular / Sew-Up Tires For Road Biking

Tubular / sew-up and Clincher Tires, tire sealant, etc..

Blog posts


2023-02-07 Mercedes eSprinter, GM EV Trucks: Science Fair Projects Requiring Fantasy Infrastructure Buildout


2022-11-09 UPDATE on Mercedes Sprinter: Will Not Go, Normal idle in P but RPMs drop in D or R with Engine Lugging Nastily at 400-500 RPM — ***POSSIBLE FIX***

2022-11-09 Mercedes Sprinter: Whistling Sound From Turbo Turns Out to Be...


2021-11-23 Mercedes Sprinter Warranty = Big Win, But Also a Disappointment with Dealer Practices

2021-11-22 Oil Catch Tank (Oil Catch Can / Oil Separator) for Mercedes Sprinter: Eliminates Engine/Emissions System Failures

2021-11-20 New Mercedes Sprinter Owners: Beware Catastrophic Engine Failure from Piston Rod Through Cylinder Head — Caused by Intercooler Overflow

2021-11-20 Mercedes Sprinter Ends My Trip: “10 Starts Remaining” after OBD2 diagnostic code U010E “Lost Communication with Reductant Control Module”

2021-07-23 Get your Travel Van While You Still Can? Mercedes Plans to Go All-Electric Soon


2020-07-09 UPDATE on Mercedes Sprinter Issues and Breakdowns: Sprinter Will Not Move, RPMs Drop Very Low


2019-11-11 Biodiesel is the Kiss of Death for Mercedes Sprinter

2019-11-11 2017 Mercedes Sprinter: Is it Going to KILL ME by Failing to Move at a Crucial Time?

2019-09-29 2017 Mercedes Sprinter: Is it Going to Strand Me in a Remote Place?

2019-02-11 How to Deal with Biodiesel with the Mercedes Sprinter

2019-01-24 Choose a Good Oil for Mercedes Sprinter


2018-12-12 Critical Mercedes Sprinter Breaking-In and Maintenance Information

2018-04-03 Rewired with 4/0 Cable and Symmetry: 10 Kilowatt Battery System in Mercedes Sprinter with dual Lithionics 400-amp batteries, dual Xantrex Freedom XC Inverter/Charger

2018-03-20 Mercedes Sprinter: Ordered the 180 Liter / 47.5 Gallon Fuel Tank for the 144-Inch Sprinter

2018-03-15 Sprinter Van: Bed and Breakfast (and lunch and dinner) and Just Pull Out the Bike and Go and Sleeping in Comfort Just Like Home

2018-02-25 Mercedes Sprinter: the 180 Liter / 47.5 Gallon Fuel Tank for the 144-Inch Sprinter is Here, to be Installed Feb 28

2018-02-25 10 Kilowatt Battery System in Mercedes Sprinter Delivers 263 amps @ 12.7/12.8V (dual Lithionics 400-amp batteries, dual Xantrex Freedom XC Inverter/Charger)

2018-02-06 Mercedes Sprinter: Ordered the 180 Liter / 47.5 Gallon Fuel Tank for the 144-Inch Sprinter

2018-02-04 Mercedes Sprinter: Upgra-inch wheelbase) or Double It to 56.4 Gallons (170-inch wheelbase)


2017-11-01 Warm in Van, Trout Grilled, Killer Weather, Best Fishing Ever, Red Wine... Makes up for the Tough Days

2017-10-12 Mercedes Sprinter Alternator is a Champ: Real Data on What it Can Actually Output for Amperage at Low Idle

2017-09-30 Carbon Monoxide is a Serious Risk, How to Detect and Prevent so as to Not Wake up Dead

2017-09-17 My Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Wiring and Power Now in Place

2017-09-14 Mercedes Sprinter Stock Alternator Rocks: Up to 1400 watts At Idle, Can Nearly run a 1500 watt Space heater

2017-09-08 Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Light Bars Have Implications for the Turbo Intercooler

2017-08-27 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Tradeoffs in Installing Window

2017-08-26 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Installing 17-Inch Moto Metal Wheels with BF Goodrich 265/70R17 K02 All-Terrain Tires

2017-08-24 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Maiden Voyage Photos with Test-Run Setup

2017-08-02 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Delivers Aug 5, then proving it out in the field

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