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Power Output up by ~10% After 3DBikeFit

UPDATED Nov 25 to include a lactate threshold workout (day 4) and next day (day 5).

LOL— the power changes I am seeing after my fitting changes equate to taking 1st place in the Everest Challenge instead of 5th place. Sure beats worrying about a few grams on the bike.

Read more about power increases after fitting.

Power in watts on a lactate threshold workout: 308.7 watts for 66+ minutes

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Thunderbolt 3 Dock
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Road Riding on 700 X 27C

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C Paris Roubaix Pro
on Lightweight Standard, Moots Vamoots RSL

Dang, I’m really enjoying the ride! See my review of the FMB Paris Roubaix Pro.

If you ride tubulars and your fork and brakes will clear 27C, I heartily recommend trying the PRP in 27C size, it might pan out as a grin-producing experience. There is also a 25C version which I have not yet tried, as well as the non-Pro version (Pro version has sidewall protection and is a bit heavier).

I’ve now tried the FMB Paris Roubaix Pro at 82, 90 and 100 PSI. At 100 PSI, this is one fast-rolling tire, yet still compliant and still with tons of grip. Using 100 PSI is probably better (for my 175 pounds) for fast descents, because the tire deforms a little less under high speed cornering.

Also, the PRP is very quiet, definitely lower noise than my usual Veloflex Record.

I like the Paris Roubaix Pro enough that I think I will be ordering a 700 X 25C size that will fit on the rear (25C will clear the seat tube, 27C too tight), at least once I put some more wear on the Schwalbe Ultremo HT currently mounted on that rear wheel.

B&H Deal ZoneDeals by Brand/Category/Savings
Deals expire in 12 hours unless noted. Certain deals may last longer.

Mountain Lion and Deer

It was with great satisfaction that I watched a mountain lion lope up the slope on Alpine Road recently, an area infested with road rats (deer), a serious hazard this time of year (the rut). I was even more pleased to note the complete absence of the usual deer, so accustomed to humans that shouting at them will barely make them flick their ears. I hope that cat sticks around and sets up shop nearby, and has a double litter of killer kittens.

It has been ~15 years since I last saw a mountain lion on a bike ride. This one was a medium sized juvenile, not a full-grown adult, but of course considerably larger than a bobcat.

I consider it a treat to see a mountain lion, with such a delightful grace to their movements; this one moved effortlessly up a very steep slope once I moved into view, so I was able to observe it for only 10 seconds or so.

I never report the sighting because the local school officials go bananas if one is spotted within a mile of a school, locking down the hapless students (“no one can blame me”, Shrug). As if the cat will head on over and grab one of 200 noisy kids for lunch.

James T writes:

You are so right about the lion vs deer.

In 2005 I was knock off my bike by a deer – major concussion – two weeks in the hospital – broken wrist – broken ribs – smashed thumb - "v" shaped cut on my chin (a cool scar caused, no doubt, by a hoof).

I appreciate bicycle helmets (by the way).

What this place needs is a major increase in big cats. I saw one on Page Mill road about 12 years ago, and in 2003 I saw a gorgeous, big 'un in Fort Hunter Liggett – amazing creature.

I grew up in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, East Africa) and am somewhat familiar with big cats and am very, very fond of big predators – keeping the giant rats (deer) at bay.

Great website – keep 'em coming!

PS: You really did enjoy the 3600 lumen Betty except for the mounting system. Hopefully I'll have one shortly.

DIGLLOYD: deer making the road their daily hangout is dangerous. Last year at dusk I narrowly missed a hormone-impaired buck while descending at about 35 mph. The experience of James T makes me feel lucky.

Wild animals that are unwild because the balance of nature is out of whack (predator and prey) are not admirable, but disturbing in a way. Shoot 30% of them each year, and skin 'em for the homeless shelters.

Adding to my dislike for the Big Rats eating everything in my backyard, even the poisonous plants. My figs, my persimmons, the flowers, etc. It’s not deer per se but 5X more deer than would naturally be there.

It is not clear to me why with all the deer there are not more mountain lions around enjoying an easy dinner as these deer are as dumb as they come (I used to bowhunt as a teenager back in my youth and those deer were wily and hyper vigilant).

Yes, the Lupine Betty R has a fantastic light output, and I will probably get a 2nd one, but I remain pretty grumpy about the mountaining limitations.

Getting a Precise and Optimal Bike Fit — in San Francisco

Today I spent a long day at with Kevin and Jeff getting a meticulous bike fit. It was such a long and thorough session that I didn’t have time to even shoot any of my own photos of the space (pretty nifty). The space sports an impressive assortment of saddles, shoes, handlebars, stems and similar items for bike fits, along with custom-made rotatable platforms in front the cameras.

It was a fascinating day, and I learned a lot. I’ll have more to say on my experience, along with on-the-road results over time— I am definitely hoping for a pickup in wattage once I ride some base miles and let my tendons and ligaments adapt to the new position (very important to avoid applying peak fitness against a new riding position too suddenly, since connective tissue needs time to adapt to the increased and different power demands).

Wow! These guys are meticulous and thorough and really picky about getting it just right. Which is the way it ought to be. I am a huge fan of anyone with the passion for doing it well, no matter what “it” is. These guys have that passion, and it resonates with me.

The fit isn’t just the bike, it involves an assessment of past injuries, flexibility and strength too, all of which provide context even before one gets onto the bike. The good news was that I had excellent hip and hamstring flexibility that would not limit the fit adjustments in anyway.

What intrigued me was the synergy of the manifestly deep fitting experience coupled with the hi-tech Retul fitting systems (dots on arms, legs, hips, multiple cameras, dual video before/after side-by-side feeds, etc— very cool stuff).

Well, even a little embarrassing in a sense— seeing one’s own “bad form” is a bit of a jolt— before the adjustments, my back was rounded out, my shoulders hunched, my heels were dropping, and my body was mis-centered on the bike. It was a visual shock to see that my carefully crafted mental image of myself as having great form on the bike... was not so great.

Still, I am a bit of an skeptic and it makes me nervous to change anything on my bike that seems to be “working”. After all, I’ve logged 22,000 miles over the past two years, doesn’t that show that my bike fit is pretty good?

My reservation vanished when after some seat and stem changes, I dropped into a riding position that just felt buttery smooth and powerful— spinning in the new position was a revelation, and that was pretty darn exciting! And it was audibly smoother as well.

I wouldn’t be suprised if the optimal fit picked up 10-20 sustainable watts from being in more efficient pedal position (less fatigue and faster recovery from using bigger muscles for more of the load). Why not 30 watts? It feels possible. That remains to be proven, but the prospect is exciting and even five watts in a long race like the Everest Challenge is a big deal. My competitors at the Everest Challenge should please not go see the guys at

Prudence is advised: hard workouts in a new biking position coupled with peak fitness means potential for injury: muscles adjust fairly quickly, but the tendons and ligaments needs time to adjust to the new riding position, which means an absolute minimum of one month of base-mile type riding. For most riders, probably 2+ months, but since I am used to riding every day for nearly two years now, I can probably open the throttle a bit after a few weeks of riding in the new position.

Still, it’s not worth attempting a new personal best in a new riding position; even if it feels good, the potential for straining something is there, since the new position definitely feels more powerful (more upper thigh and gluteus now getting used, these are the most powerful muscles in the body that I was apparently under utilizing in my prior position). Press release

San Francisco, CA October 24, 2012

3D Bike Fit created the ultimate bike fit experience utilizing its exclusive approach of combining and advancing the best bike fitting systems available in its new state-of-the-art San Francisco fit studio. At its new, permanent location, 3D Bike Fit will more conveniently serve more Bay Area and out-of-town clients thanks to a larger staff and additional high tech, custom designed fitting stations.
“At 3D Bike Fit we are taking the guesswork out of cycling,” said 3D Bike Fit founder, Kevin Bailey. “We’ve progressed the latest bike fitting technology and through our understanding of the human body and biomechanics, we help riders pedal with increased power, efficiency and comfort. Beyond those important ride benefits, we also help each client better understand their body and unique requirements.”

3D Bike Fit techs took the best fitting systems, Retul and Specialized Motion Capture, and enhanced them to create the most advanced bike fit studio in the world. With its exclusive ability to perform both a two-sided Retul capture and a Specialized video capture (from four sides) simultaneously in concert with custom computer and software systems, Bailey and co. collect more rider data in every fit. Clients can also watch, in real time, what the fitters are seeing. When changes are made, the difference can be felt and even seen by the client, making the process and cycling biomechanics easier to understand. Each of the studio’s custom designed fit stations use embedded, integrated cameras and computer systems to collect and analyze rider data.

3D Bike Fit offers several options for beginner and experienced cyclists to improve their cycling experience. 3D Bike Fit staff help every rider select the most appropriate fit and all fits are performed by appointment, ensuring undivided attention for both the fitter and client.

The Pro Fit is 3D’s most extensive and detailed fit that analyzes the most rider data. The entire process requires four to five hours and ensures that the competitive rider leaves in his or her most optimized position. No stone is left unturned in 3D’s Pro Fit thanks to the use of both Retul’s 3D Motion Capture and Specialized’s Video Capture in real time.

When purchasing a new custom bike, the first step should be 3D’s Sizing Pro Fit. Through the four to six hour process, this fit will help the new bike fit perfectly after purchase. Based on the Pro Fit above, but performed on a Retul Muve adjustable stationary bike, the Sizing Pro Fit starts with a clean slate and takes the trial and error out of a new bike.

The Advanced Fit requires three to four hours and thanks to 3D’s improved, dual-sided Retul system, riders 3D fitters take more captures and analyze more data than typically performed, helping riders gain more from this fit.

The 3D Body Geomety Video Analysis Fit uses 3D’s unique, four camera Specialized Video Capture technology. Shown on a 50-inch HD flat screen, the client gains a better understanding of how their body should be positioned on a bike.

The studio’s least expensive fit, the 3D Bike Fit, offers laser knee tracking, orthotic and leg length discrepancy assessments. Intended for cyclists new to the sport, the 3D Bike Fit will ensure that riders enter the sport with a proper fit.
Recognizing that not every bike fits every rider, 3D Bike Fit offers a host of product options to help the bike fit at key rider touch points on the bicycle.

Riders will incur no unnecessary expenses, due to trial and error, on stems, handlebars, pedals, custom orthotics, saddles or seat posts.

ThunderBay 4 - The Speed To Create. The Capacity To Dream.

Wet Riding: FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro' on Moots Vamoots RSL

See my review of the FMB Paris Roubaix Pro, which I am riding mounted on the 16-spoke Lightweight Standard on my Moots Vamoots RSL.

More below...

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C Paris Roubaix Pro
mounted on Lightweight Standard front wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL

Today I took the combo out for a spin up Kings Mtn Road and then down Tunitas, and back up/down (those road names are meaningful to local of the SF Bay Area).

Kings Mtn Rd was free of debris, but wet over many portions, and Tunitas Creek was mostly damp with a good load of Sequoia Sempervirens (Coast Redwood) needles coating the road in places, and the occasional branches (which I avoided). I rode with some caution, not knowing what lay around each corner, or whether mud or green slime could put me on the pavement by surprise; I did not lean hard into turns to test the limits.

I rode the PRP at 85 PSI, which is a very nice pressure for my bike and my weight (175 pounds). The PRP is really versatile on pressure, the big volume allows 60 psi (with some care for sharp edges) or anything up to 120 PSI, which would be rock hard. I’d say that the 80-90 PSI range feels about right with just enough give for compliance on rougher pavement. Probably 100 PSI would be excellent if one has smooth pavement, I’ll experiment some more.

This is a very supple tire for what it is, which one can feel by handling the carcass. I like it a lot more than the Schwalbe 700 X 25C Ultremo HT. Go race weight, or go full size methinks. But it’s not just the weight; the Paris Roubaix Pro is a very supple tire with super nice ride characteristics.

I appreciated the increased intertial mass of the PRP, but even more so the larger footprint and its “grab” on the wet pavement. Descending, the added stablility from the heavier tire versus my usual Veloflex Record was not unwelcome on the wet roads, and some hard braking tests showed the PRP to have excellent traction that is very confidence inspiring.

My thinking is that anyone looking for a fast, quiet, comfortable, grippy, durable tire in a tubular is going to love the Paris Roubaix Pro. It could do dry dirt trails and cobblestones (hence its name) or broken pavement duty (watch those loose gravel corners, no bite available into loose stuff with that smooth tread).

Those extra 155 grams vs my usual Veloflex Record tire are very noticeable (readers know my liking for super light race tires). But the PRP pays it back with a stability and momentum that are appealing— standing up out of the saddle, that front wheel momentum from the extra tire weight makes for a very stable solid feeling, which I really like when wompin' on it, or just when standing up; the stability is extra nice if road conditions suck.

I thought I might dislike the weight of the PRP, and indeed it is slower to spin up (not a tire for sprinting!), but the PRP is so smooth-riding and supple and quiet that I have taken a serious liking to it. My only regret is that the fit is too tight to mount the PRP on the rear of my Moots Vamoots RSL, so I’ll have to keep running a 25C tire there, whichs is perhaps a good idea anyway as the Vamoots RSL rear-end rides like a dream.

I like the Paris Roubaix Pro enough that I will probably keep a PRP glued on permanently on one of my front wheels, to have on hand for iffy pavement or ugly road conditions, or for just when the mood strikes of wanting the ride quality.

Which brings me to the wheel: this is a wonderful match for the Lightweight Standard 16-spoke front wheel, at least for my 175 pound weight on the Moots Vamoots RSL.

Tunitas Creek — New Personal Best

As is the case for a “good day” I could not find any steep sections for the entire climb; everything felt quite easy. This is why it is worth resting— easy, free-flowing power output comes from being rested.

Read more.

Power and heart rate with elevation profile, Tunitas Creek personal best
Envoy Pro mini - In Motion There Exists Great Potential

Surly Marge Lite Rims + Paul Components Hubs — Wheelset for Moots FrosTi Snow Bike

Just laced up with the Paul Components Engineering hubs are a pair of Surly 'Marge Lite' rims hand-built over at Palo Alto Bicycles.

The FrosTi titanium frame is due by mid-December.

Wheelset for Moots FrosTi as built with Paul Components Engineer hubs and Surly 'Marge Lite' rims
Big fat rims for big fat tires: Surly 'Marge Lite' rims

Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

The 7-LED lamphead Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen cycling light draws 40 watts from its LiIon battery pack, and is brighter than most Xenon car headlights.

And I don’t mean in theory. I’ve now had some more experience with the Betty R on wet rainy night rides, and I can say without reservation that it is by far (!) the very best light for night riding I have seen (and I do have some double headlamp fun occassionally).

Never before have I been satisfied with the light output while riding on a dark and wet night (black wet asphalt black-holes most of the light). The Better R changes that— a first. It is very, very impressive.

On dry lighter-color faded asphalt, full power is rarely needed, so battery power can be conserved. In such conditions, the Betty R is bright at maximum power anyway, especially if the white bike lane stripe is in decent condition.

The bike lights some riders use* cast a pitiful smear of pallid light a few feet ahead of the bike. The Betty R provides a broad and generously deep brightness that makes speeds downhill up to 35 mph perfectly comfortable (so long as my night glasses are not beaded with water droplets!).

Read about my experience so far with the Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen lamphead.

* A multi-thousand dollar bike with an irreplaceable rider and a $50 AA-powered light = how much is your life worth, why not just skip the helmet too. Logic need not apply. From what I’ve observed, most riders are using lights that cost less than one good tire.

Lupine Lighting Systems Betty R lamphead (with helmet mount)
NuGard KX Case for iPhones and iPads
Outstanding protection against drops and impact!
Excellent grip for wet hands, cycling, etc!

More Notes on the FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro'

I’ve added more ride notes on the FMB Paris Roubaix Pro, which I am riding mounted on the 16-spoke Lightweight Standard on my Moots Vamoots RSL.

I’m also going to be mounting a pair of the 700 X 27C FMB Paris Roubaix Pro tires on a 2nd cyclocross wheelset for winter paved-road riding.

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C Paris Roubaix Pro
mounted on Lightweight Standard front wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro' on Lightweight Standard Wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL — RIDE NOTES

I’ve added ride notes on the FMB Paris Roubaix Pro, which I have now ridden mounted on the 16-spoke Lightweight Standard on my Moots Vamoots RSL.

As well as some photos showing the tire on the bike, and clearance.

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C Paris Roubaix Pro
mounted on Lightweight Stan≠dard front wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL
FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C Paris Roubaix Pro
mounted on Lightweight Stan≠dard front wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL
Envoy Pro mini - In Motion There Exists Great Potential

Kona Coffee Special Brew, and 10% Discount for Site Readers (and Peaberry Medium Roast)

Kona Cloud Coffee

I’m a black coffee dark-roast and oatmeal-for-breakfast guy most of the time, though I like the Kona medium roast just about as well.

Lately I’ve experimented with an ultra-rich brew as follows:

  • My usual generous amount/grind, brew 1/2 cup from it.
  • Add another 50-70% more grind on top of initial, brew remaining 1/2 cup.

Yikes! This is lusciously rich and tasty.

My only disappointment: I’d love a hot cup late in the day after a cold ride, but I don’t sleep well if I drink coffee after 3pm or so. So be it— morning is plenty nice.

Discount for readers

See Kona Coffee and Ibex Wool and Coffee-Up Before a Ride?.

Kona Cloud Coffee Estates is offering 10% off for site readers, via a discount code.

View the coffee choices at Kona Cloud Coffee Estates.

When checking out, use to get your discount (type in those eight letters).

Cameras For Cyclists

As a professional photographer, my standards are high, but there are three cameras for cyclists that I recommend for high quality imagery:

Click each camera to read my thoughts..

Of these three, the Sony RX100 is a no-brainer for its easy pocketability and superb quality for its size; the other two offer terrific image quality also, but also other differences that might or might not matter to some.

Buying one? Thanks for using my B&H Links.

ThunderBay 4 - The Speed To Create. The Capacity To Dream.

Long term: Moots Psychlo X RSL Titanium Cyclocross Bike

After riding my Moots Psychlo X RSL cyclocross bike for 9 months, including the Death Valley Double Century, as well as lots and lots of singletrack time intermixed with asphalt to and fro— the Moots Psychlo X RSL has proven to be a wonderful investment in my cycling enjoyment.

This autumn, I rode the Psychlo X RSL a lot more than my mountain bikes. It’s just a lot of fun, and lighter and quicker and with a mix of pavement and dirt, it can go almost anywhere and is much faster on pavement, and faster than an MTB on a lot of singletrack.

As my skill in handling a cyclocross steed has increased, I find I can track down and pass many mountain bikers descending, and going uphill— well they’re like stumps or something— “on your left” and gone.

The funny thing about a cyclocross bike is that I can ride it faster on many singletrack sections than I can with my mountain bike. But when the trail starts to get rough, then the mountain bike is naturally faster as it can soak up rapid-fire “hits” which the rigid front end of the cyclocross bike cannot deal with easily (and not without hand discomfort, especially if some braking is needed).

I prefer cyclocross tubular tires at ~40-45 PSI for rough downhill sections, so I often ride up a long grade or asphalt approach at ~55-60 PSI, then bleed off some air for the descent.

A cyclocross bike develops nuanced offroad skills; balance, fine points of traction, braking and getting off the brakes at just the right time, unweighting the bike on certain types of bumps, etc— from what I see, most mountain bikers have crude “banger” skills with zero finesse on the balance or brakes, so I’d recommend cyclocross to any mountain biker looking to be a more skillful rider.

My Moots Psychlo X RSL as built

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro' on Lightweight Standard Wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL

Not a combination you’re liking to see rolling around very often.

Well, I’ve never seen it. All the more reason to try it!

Read more.

FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C Paris Roubaix Pro mounted on Lightweight Standard front wheel

Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

The 7-LED lamphead Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen cycling light draws 40 watts from its LiIon battery pack, and is brighter than most Xenon car headlights.

And I don’t mean in theory— a night ride proves it out.

The headlights of many (if not most) vehicles approaching from the rear will simply disappear into the Betty R beam. So naturally I’d like to run two Betty R lampheads sometime soon. Then I can truly make zero concession to the night.

Read about my experience so far with the Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen lamphead.

Lupine Lighting Systems Betty R lamphead (with helmet mount)
Lupine Betty R on full power on Moots Psychlo X RSL on a dark and wet night

In Praise of the SRM Power Meter

I use the SRM power meter on my Moots Vamoots RSL road racing bike and my Moots Psychlo X RSL cyclocross bike and Look 595 Ultra for wattage, speed, distance, HR, etc.

Bottom line: SRM works reliably day in and day out. The power meter works, the head unit works. I never even think about the SRM; I can just assume it will work, instantly and with a very, very long battery life.

You get what you pay for.

Lower-cost alternative head units like the Garmin Edge 500 (Garbage Edge 500?) have proven to be unreliable dreck rife with problems (and stupidly moronic design). At a fraction of the cost of the SRM, I still feel I’ve wasted my money on Garmin. The SRM power meter and head unit are expensive, but a far superior value.

My Moots Vamoots RSL as built
(cranks since switched to Hollowgram with SRM power meter)
OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock
Review of Thunderbolt 2 Dock

In Praise of the Moots Vamoots RSL Titanium Road Racing Bike

No short experience can capture the subtleties of a bike.

After riding my Moots Vamoots RSL for 9 months and ~7000 miles, I remain as thrilled as ever, perhaps more so— the Vamoots RSL just brings it all together.

My Look 595 Ultra gathers dust (literally), not that the 595 is technically inferior (it’s very, very good), but the Vamoots RSL has a secret sauce that no other bike I’ve ridden has.

What better endorsement of a bike than to have two SRM-equipped bikes with Shimano DuraAce Di2 sitting there— one bike sees fresh air, and the other does not. The bike that gets ridden is the Moots Vamoots RSL.

How can I explain? That’s hard to quantify— it Just Is. My advice is invest in a Moots Vamoots RSL, and don’t look back.

My Moots Vamoots RSL as built
(cranks since switched to Hollowgram with SRM power meter)

In Praise of Lightweight (brand) Wheels

I’ve ridden Lightweight wheels now for nearly two years, and for 16,000 miles or so. Just a little experience. Here’s what I can tell you of my own experience:

  • They don’t go out of true— ever.
  • The spokes don’t break (no nipples, no spokes per se, and the entire wheel is one bonded piece).
  • The ceramic hubs remain buttery smooth after all this mileage.
  • They don’t fail (except if you whack/cut them on a really nasty piece of cut pavement, which I did to one wheel— Lightweight replaced it under the ServiceUp warranty— try that with another vendor).
  • They ride like nothing else. They perform, they are comfortable. Awesome.
  • I ride them every day. No “race day wheelset” nonsense need apply on my bike— the Lightweight wheels hold up to severe training and race duty.

The Lightweight Obermayer (now renamed to Mielenstein Obermayer) remains my favorate wheelset (20 spoke front, 20 spoke rear). It offers a stunning combination of performance and comfort like nothing else I have ever experienced (unless you weigh 150 pounds or less, stick with the 20 spoke front wheel, the 16 spoke is more flexy than I prefer).

Lightweight Mielenstein Obermayer — world’s best riding wheel?
Lightweight VR8 (discontinued, sadly)
Lightweight Gipfelsturm / Ventoux
Envoy Pro mini - In Motion There Exists Great Potential

Stay Warm — Ibex ”Aire” Wool

Winter is coming.

The Ibex “Aire” jacket might have a place in your activities.

Not me— but shows the conditions I can be found in at times
Me — stay warm when it’s cold

Paul Components Engineering Hubs for FAT / Snow Bike

My Moots FrosTi will use Paul Components Engineering hubs.

Paul Components Engineering rear hub

Shimano DuraAce BR-9000 Brakes

I just upgraded to the latest Shimano DuraAce brakes— the BR-9000. They rock.

Read more.

Shimano DuraAce BR-9000 brake caliper

LED Flashlights for Emergencies

I always keep lights and batteries around for an emergency; these happen to be my Lupine lights, some of which can run at fractional wattage for days or even weeks.

I recommend having a Lupine Piko TL Mini flashlight around and/or a multi-purpose Lupine Piko bike lamp / headlamp. Both can run for a long time at their lowest settings (30 hours!), and even at the low settings they are far brighter than ordinary flashlights.

Lupine Piko TL Max

The Lupine Piko bike light / headlamp can run for weeks at 0.4 watts / 40 lumens power on a large battery (60 hours on 2.5 Ah battery, 260 hours on 11.2 Ah battery), and that is still quite a bright illumination. Of course, one can toggle the brightness to higher output when needed.

Lupine Piko

Mini flashlight

For a keychain size flashlight with quite long runtime on AAA batteries, get the Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi. Keep a box of long-lasting lithium ion AAA batteries on hand of course.

Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi
23.4 grams or 31.3 grams with clip-ring as shown
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