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Some Things Are Worth the Weight — Lupine Lights For Cycling

Accidents happen, so my modus operandi is to make myself as visible as possible, day and night. See my discussion of why you want to use a daytime running light.

Lupine Piko 2-LED lamphead

Remember, that old geezer wearing sunglasses can’t see you in the shadows, the pimple-faced nitwit on the way to school in his father’s $80K BMW thinks it’s a video game, the redneck in the dualie with an IQ of 90 when sober is burping up a beer and thinks you’re a jerk for even being on his or her road. You have to watch out for yourself.

A daytime running light such as the Lupine Piko raises the odds in your favor. Maybe you don’t want its extra 200g (with battery) in a race, but the rest of the time, you’re making yourself visible to oncoming traffic, especially in traffic, intersections, and mottled-light situations.

Yes, you can buy cheaper inferior lights, but read about why Lupine is a better value. I’ve used Lupine LED lights for years, and there are very few products that I can endorse as strongly as Lupine, putting my money where my mouth is by buying lampheads for all my bikes (night riding alone uses three Betty lampheads), and other uses. I use a Lupine light in some way just about every day (on the bike, under my desk with computer gear, grilling, hiking, camping, photography, etc). OK, I’m a light geek.

Don’t get suckered into buying Brand X which quote theoretical lumen ratings. Lupine is the Real Deal and Lupine lumens are worth a whole lot more than the bogus theoretical lumens that most brands quote.

Lumens and lumens

Cars will back up for you on narrow roads with the 7-LED 1850-lumen Betty II. This lamphead is brighter than 80% of the headlights on cars today. Many automobiles have headlights that simply disappear into the Betty’s beam.

Lupine Betty II 1850-lumen lamphead


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