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Moots YBB 26 Performance Commentary

I’ve been riding my Moots YBB 26 regularly— typically I do a mountain bike ride in early morning, let my muscles recover for 7-8 hours, then do a road-bike ride in the afternoon, such hard training being my way of taking seriously the upcoming Everest Challenge.

The Moots YBB 26 eclipses any previous mountain bike I’ve owned or ridden. It is sheer joy to ride the YBB 26, and it brings a big grin to my face every time I ride it. My only regret is not owning one years ago. Even taking the cost into account (I pay for all my gear), the grins-to-dollar ratio is exceptionally high, easily higher than any mountain bike I’ve ever owned.

After using the Moots YBB 26 hard for some weeks now (and having owned pro-grade Trek and Specialized dual suspension bikes previously), I offer the following comments, which of course are based on the way I built up my Moots YBB 26 with a 15QR axle and Easton wheels

  • At 22.4 pounds, the Moots YBB 26 is very light, but with no compromises to durability (as I’ve built it). The weight matters— not just for climbing, but in the feel of the bike going up or down or level or sideways.
  • The Moots YBB 26 climbs extremely well, very efficiently. The YBB mechanism has very little effect on power transfer (I’m a very powerful rider, but I do have a smooth pedal stroke from road biking).
  • The YBB mechanism is superior to conventional rear suspension in every way for my style of riding with finesse and threading a line: better handling, absolutely minimal power loss when sprinting (tire pressure is more of an issue!), no maintenance for years, no rear suspension lockout hassles, plenty of comfort for landing after “air”, predictable balance on jumps, etc. I have zero regrets on the YBB mechanism, and am thrilled with how much more I prefer it over a conventional rear shock.
  • The Moots YBB leaps into the air off “water bars” while remaining perfectly balanced.
  • Threads its way through the tightest trails, offering the most accurate “line” one might desire, no compensation needed for bike flaws— steering and body inputs are translated instantly and precisely into results.
  • Stable yet lighting-fast handling for the tight twisty stuff.
  • High speed descents with impunity: superior to any previous 26er I’ve ridden.
  • Comfort: ample. The titanium frame, seat post and handlebar, along with the YBB mechanism and front shock are not cushy and flabby like a conventional rear suspension, yet offer more than ample comfort even on 3 hour rides. Overweight riders might think they need soft and plush full dual suspension, but the right solution there is to lose the gut to save the butt, and develop finesse rather than try to bang over every obstacle.

The Moots YBB 26 is an incredible ride. The reviews I’ve read elsewhere do not do it justice.

Getting one

If you can afford to build yourself a Moots YBB 26, get one. Perhaps by Neil at Palo Alto Bicycles, which is where I bought mine, though I did obtain the Easton EC90 XC wheels at

Moots YBB 26 Titanium soft-tail
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