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My 2011 Cycling Accomplishments

I had a very successful cycling year, and for that I am thankful to have been free of injury and with little illness and no crashes.

Announcing goals to others can be very helpful in achieving them, and so that is what I did here on this site. As well, taking justifiable pride in reaching certain goals is just as important.

This site was launched in Feb 2011, shortly after I began serious training for the Everest Challenge. I am glad that my writing on training and nutrition and cycling gear and rides over the course of this year has been helpful to readers out there pursuing similar goals— that is my intent, and I know it from reader feedback.

Cycling achievements in 2011—

Health benefits—

  • Lost 35 pounds of body fat in 9 months, gained ~10 pounds of leg muscle.
  • Raised HDL (good) cholesterol from ~84 to ~110 (off the charts healthy).
  • Dropped 15 beats or so off heart rate for the same effort level.
  • Resting heart rate of 41 even after 2 weeks of no rest days while climbing 69,000 vertical feet (true resting HR is likely around 35-39 when a rest day is taken and fully recovered).
  • Hip joint pain plaguing me for the prior year totally disappeared after about 5 months of cycling.
  • Tight injured hamstring has relaxed and returned to health; muscles more flexible than ever.
  • Increased vigor, healthier skin.
  • Strong sense of accomplishment.
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