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Moots Vamoots RSL Road Racing Frame and Fork

My Moots Vamoots RSL road racing frame arrived yesterday.

I admired the frame as I examined it, and I came away incredibly impressed (as usual) with the exquisite Moots craftsmanship.

The Vamoots RSL should be built up today or tomorrow, stripping parts from my now retired (and for sale) Trek Madone 6.9 SSL.

The initial build will use the SRM DA 7950 power meter, but I expect to change that out to the Cannondale Hollowgram crankset with SRM spider once I establish its shifting quality (to be tested on my Moots Psychlo X RSL bike first). That change might shave as much as 225 grams off the bike build, and it also loses the PressFit 30 adapter (no adapters are always a better idea).



The built-up Moots Vamoots RSL with Lightweight Obermayer wheels weighs 14.8 pounds ready to ride with no compromises INCLUDING:

  • Two King titanium water bottle cages.
  • SRM PC7 handlebar mount.
  • Speed sensor.
  • SRM DA 7950 power meter (which also requires a PressFit BB adapter, which adds weight).
  • Shimano DuraAce pedals.
  • Full Shimano DuraAce Di2.

If the Cannondale Hollowgram shifting works well with DuraAce Di2 shifting (being tested on another bike), then on goes the Hollowgram crankset, which might save up to 1/2 pound (to be verified). That would drop the weight to as low as 14.3 pounds, and with a few more titanium screws and other little parts here and there, ~14.1 pounds might be achievable, which would be truly remarkable for a bike with a power meter and Shimano DuraAce Di2 and no compromises.

Frame and fork weight

Most bike manufacturers cheat on the frame weights by not including the seat post collar, derailleur hanger, water bottle bolts, or even paint. The weight below for the Moots Vamoots RSL frame is WITH:

  • 56cm Moots Vamoots RSL frame with standard size head tube, custom DI cable routing braze-on holes (see one such hole just above bottom bracket area).
  • Seat post collar.
  • Derailleur hanger (built-in, non-replaceable).
  • Steel water bottle bolts (4).
  • Steel Di2 battery bolts (2).
  • All Moots stickers.

I’ll be replacing the steel water bottle and Di2 bolts with aluminum ones, to shave off some grams. Other non-critical parts will also get similar attention, as the intent is for this to be my climbing bike for the 2012 Everest Challenge.

Standard size head tube

I went with the standard (not 44mm head tube), as it saves 55g or so of weight, and the standard head tube handled brilliantly for my week-long test ride. I see no need for the 44mm head tube for a rider at the 170 pound range as I am. And since the head tube is relatively short (on a 56cm frame), the other tubes don’t change, so it really can’t have a big impact in theory, proven out in riding to my satisfaction. Of course, I cannot be 100% sure on this, as I have not ridden the Vamoots RSL with a 44mm head tube. But it was also standard size, or restart the order and wait two months all over again (ordering snafu).

weight of Moots Vamoots RSL 56cm frame with seat post clamp, water bottle bolts, etc

The Moots-supplied fork looks to be excellent for handling due to its robust construction and advanced shape. Weight below is with UNCUT steerer.

weight of Moots Vamoots RSL fork — uncut steerer

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