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Endurance Energy Source with Protein

The body will use 10-15% protein for fuel during long endurance efforts, and since I don’t want my leg muscles being scavenged for energy on double century rides, I am beginning to experiment with other foods.

On a double century, some easy to digest food with some protein content seems advisable. I don’t know how much protein or what kind will work well (or badly), so I am going to experiment prior to the double centuries I have planned.

The Hammer Perpetuem Solids have about 3g of protein (12 calories) out of 100 calorie serving. This is about right, but the Perpetuem Solids are also fairly expensive, and some variety is nice. A double century will be an 8,000-10,000 calorie affair, and I figure to eat about 3000 calories for that, so that’s about a full can of Perpetuem Solids.

Hammer claims that the body can’t deal with too much protein for endurance events, and that protein binds water, and maybe that’s true if the intensity is high, but I think for moderate intensity for 200 miles it might just work out.

My favorite Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oats contain 14.7% protein (see below), which is a bit higher than the 12% found in Hammer Perpetuem solids. However, oats are dry, so here is my first recipe, using Hammer gel (mostly maltodextrin) as the binding agent to stick the oats together:

  • 150 grams oats = 594 calories, 87 protein calories
  • 150 grams Hammer gel = 410 calories (almost all maltodextrin).
  • 17g ground flax seed to coat the sticky oat/gel patties = 90 calories (about 71% fat, 13% protein, 20% carbohydrate).

A sticky affair, but the ground flax seed made a nice coating, while adding some useful fat and a few grams protein.

Total calories: 1054, protein content of ~9% without the flax seed. I could also add some whey protein isolate or soy protein to raise the protein content, soy protein allegedly being better for endurance. Or reduce the Hammer gel content somewhat to raise the percentage of protein.

I’ll report back when I have some experience with this recipe and variants.

Bob’s Red Mill gluten free oats

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