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Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light to go to a whopping 4500 Lumens

Lupine Lighting Systems Betty R lamphead
(shown with helmet mount)

Is it a bike light or is it a Xenon car headlamp?

So bright that high speed descents are as fast as daylight (more on that below).

But the Betty R is programmable for various brightness levels (up to four discrete levels one can cycle through and various other options).

When I’m out riding I usually have it on low to medium (7-14 watts), which is ample for flat straight riding and climbing. At those levels, the Betty R can run all night and more.

By the way, don’t forget a bright tail-light.

In the USA, the Betty R is available at Gretna Bikes.

Read about my experience with the Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen lamphead as well as Lupine Betty R Color Rendition for Photography.

New 4500 lumen Betty R model (Wilma, Piko also)

The 7-LED lamphead Lupine Betty R 4500-lumen headlight will be shipping soon as a new model, up 900 lumens from the 2012 model which is 3600 lumens (I own two of them, and they are spectacular).

The Lupine Wilma and Piko are also seeing brightness and runtime upgrades, along with higher capacity but same-size batteries.

We usually try to avoid over sensationalizing but our new Betty R has us very excited. The system of lamp head with remote control in the Betty R is unique and a World first because it’s specially designed for the requirements of a 45W lamp.

At the push of a button our Betty switches through up to four individually customisable light levels with a maximum output of 4500 lumens. As a direct comparison, 4500 Lumens is brighter than any common Xenon car light! The transmitter allows wireless control of the light.

My experience with the 3600 lumen version

Never before have I been satisfied with the light output while riding on a dark and wet night (black wet asphalt black-holes most of the light). The Lupine Betty R changes that— a first. It is very, very impressive.

On dry lighter-color faded asphalt, full power is rarely needed, so battery power can be conserved. In such conditions, the Betty R is bright at maximum power anyway, especially if the white bike lane stripe is in decent condition.

Lupine Lighting Systems Betty R lamphead (shown with helmet mount)
Lupine Lighting Systems Betty R 4500-lumen lamphead specifications

James T writes:

I finally got the latest Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen light and took it out this evening.

Sir, it is INCREDIBLE. I've never ridden behind anything so powerful and that includes the latest from Exposure lighting, Dinotte and others.

Lupine continues to prove itself the best lighting available.

WIND: yes, they are stunning and the new 4500 lumen version will make it even more viable for high-speed night descents. Click through to the video page. This video uses dual Betty II lampheads (older 2100 lumen models).

Descending at Dusk from White Mountain Research Station at Dusk, dual Lupine Betty II lampheads
Moots Mooto X YBB 29er mountain bike
September 26, 2012
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