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Nine Ascents of Old La Honda

I’m ready for the Everest Challenge. It’s a shame to have experienced that 2+ month gastrointestinal disturbance in April/May/June. Because one pound in theory is about 6 minutes for the Everest Challenge, and I should be 5 pounds lighter (less body fat). But I seem to be strong, so perhaps there is some compensation.

To put things into perspective, 9 ascents of Old La Honda (about 11,400 vertical feet in total) is a wimp ride in comparison to the Everest Challenge: it’s like doing a bit more than the first two climbs of the first day (Bishop Creek / South Lake and Pine Creek), leaving out the monster 3rd leg: lower Rock Creek and upper Rock Creek. That’s why for me, the Rock Creek sections always are an effort of will (though I am rarely if ever passed on the final leg). I am 'toast' by the end, and that is only the first day, hence recovery is critical.


Today, I saw one of the scariest road rage incidents of my life: some lunatic in a silver Ford F150 Raptor pickup giving a group of cyclists the finger in sheer rage while racing by at 40+ mph at the bottom area of Old La Honda (single lane road), his pickup lurching violently this way and that, just past the bridge off Portola Road. I didn’t see him so much as be started by screeching tires and a silver blur.

He had just done the same to other cyclists just off Portola Road, in some kind of (drug induced?) furor and rage. I called the county sheriff, but I don’t know if they caught up with him (and he was moving so fast that id'ing the guy or getting his plate was not possible). This public menace needs about 10 years in prison; a small swerve and 10 cyclists would have been seriously hurt or killed. It was all unbelievable.

My legs concur with my body: 9 ascents is definitely a workout.

Averages: 308.4 watts, ascent time 21:32.

Now if only I had lost that extra 5 pounds of body fat, these times would be right around 21:00.

Click for larger graph.

Nine ascents of Old La Honda Road (2014-09-13)


See notes.

Click for larger graph.

Eight ascents of Old La Honda Road (2014-09-06)


See notes.

Eight ascents of Old La Honda Road (2014-08-30)
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