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Completed: Davis Double 2017

I completed the Davis Double Century (Highland route), my 6th double century this year. I had a strong performance for the first 160 miles or so, but the heat or something got to me around mile 160, and I could eat nearly nothing. Even my favorite licorice I could hardly make myself gag down even a few bits. No stomach upset, just a feeling of nausea and I could only eat a little for 7 hours afterwards. My car’s cooling system having failed, it was 7 hours after finishing that I got home around midnight—long day having been woken up at 2:30 AM and starting at 5:15 AM.

Last year I was half an hour faster, and clearly a better performance (193 vs 176 watts), but being impaired the last 30 miles or so and able to produce only ~170 watts and given the heat, I was very pleased with my performance overall, which was my best this year. As far as I can tell, I was one of the fastest riders, since only two people passed me the whole day (and they were pacelining each other, a major advantage)—though I can’t rule out someone starting earlier and riding faster. As usual I soloed it (never took any draft though I did pull the fast group for 10 miles or so, passing them all by mile 100). Those pacelining in a larger group save huge amounts of energy for many miles, which is the “smart” way to ride if you want a group-effort time that is an external assist, though many riders get very upset about that idea when put into those terms (cognitive dissonance I presume).

Next up is the Eastern Sierra Double Century where the snow-capped mountains ought to be lovely this year and the fish nervous. I don't think I'll be as fast as 2016 and my chances of winning it as I did in 2015 are slim to none, as I’ve been fighting some fatigue problem for several months (allergies and perhaps food reactions). Cutting out all grains (not that I eat much wheat but I do adore Panda licorice now abandonded for the time being), and also peanuts seems to have helped in eliminating the bloating. But the heavy rain this year has every grass and tree and bush pollinating the air heavily.

2017 Davis Double power (watts) and elevation
2016 Davis Double power (watts) and elevation
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