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Vitamin D: Many Health Benefits Accrue from it, Acts as Much as a Hormone as a Vitamin

Among possible anti-cancer and other beneficial health properties, vitamin D might reduce the risk of heart disease.

I'm rarely sick anymore, and I think the Vitamin D contributes to my health. I’m a natural skeptic of most supplements, but Vitamin D3 is one that has me convinced of its value. Give it a try perhaps and see if it helps you!

  • In mid-winter,anyone in northern climes should be sure to get enough “D”— which is difficult since the skin gets very little sun exposure for most people.
  • The fetish with getting zero sun exposure does not help your Vitamin D levels! Your body needs some sunlight for health, a fact sometimes ignored by so-called health professionals.

Vitamin D won’t get drug company attention because no one can patent it and charge billions, but research has emerged in recent years showing a wide variety of benefits for Vitamin D, and it’s especially important for those in the winter at northern latitudes, or even most of the United States, with deficiency commonplace and under-rated by outdated guidelines.

The medical community at large has been slow to take this up, do your own research here, you might like what you find. The Vitamin D Council is one credible resource. See also a nice summary in 15 Health Benefits of Vitamin D, According to Science (+15 Best Vitamin D Foods).

Vitamin D3 capsules

The brand I have been using for Vitamin D3 is YounGLo Research Vitamin D3 5000 IU @AMAZON.

When pushing my body very hard, I use supplements like alpha lipoic acid @AMAZON, 20,000 IU Vitamin D3 5000 IU @AMAZON (cholecalciferol), 5-HTP @AMAZON, chromium picolinate @AMAZON, co-enzyme Q10 @AMAZON, gamma E complex @AMAZON.

YounGLo Research Vitamin D3 5000 IU.
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