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Three Top Notch Professionals to Help Your Body Health and Cycling Performance

Here are three individuals that I am very impressed with, and highly recommend.

Imagine your body working at its best!

3D Bike Fit

Kevin Bailey, (San Francisco)

Kevin at (see gets bike fitting right, with the most meticulous attention to detail I’ve seen—the very best. Kevin is the reason I can ride double centuries without pain. I also ride a saddle of his design, the best I have ever found (and I have half a dozen other ones in a box!).

Kevin also makes custom orthotics which are awesome—I rode a double century two days after he made my pair, with zero issues—that’s amazing, and a proper footbed means better power transfer and no pain.






Rikki Johansen

Dr. Rikki Johanseen CCSP, DACBSP, DACBR (Palo Alto, CA)

Also, certified triathlon coach and a USA Cycling, Level II certified cycling coach.

Rikke Chiropractic and about Rikke Johansen.

When I have any injury or problem with my body (muscular, tendon, left/right imbalance, and related pains or similar injuries), I go see Rikke first because she knows how to fix it, and fix it quickly—including casese that bothered me for weeks that improve immediately.

Rikki knows hers stuff and is not any ordinary “crack your back” chiropracter; she’s a cut way above that. She likes to fix things in one visit if possible (for me, that has been true with most injuries!).

I don’t bother going to doctors for sports injuries and similar anymore because they really don’t know how to fix things (expensive brief visits just result in a PT referral)! Unless it’s a broken bone or torn ligament or other true medical surgery-type issue, go so Rikke first.




Dee Sickles, MMT, LMT

Dee Sickles, MMT, LMT (Flagstaff, AZ)

See Intractable or Problematic Physical Issue? Medical Massage with Dee Sickles.

There is massage, there is medical massage, and then there are gifted hands with medical massage. If you have a seemingly intractable physical issue that doctors say is “impossible” to fix without surgery, think again, because what do you have to lose? All feedback from people I’ve recommended Dee to has been enthusiastic.

In 2018, after my 25 mph crash into an embankment with moderate-to-severe concussion, a twisted spine and torso and mashed-in ribs were not going to go away on their own, but Dee cleared it all up. I’ve had both injuries and massage before but never fixes like that. Problems solved.

Dee’s uncanny ability to zero in on the issue was startling to me. Pains I had for weeks after my crash were solved for good.

Reader comments below

anon writes:

I can attest to the importance of having a good massage therapist.

This past month, I was driven to near madness by mysterious tension headaches, neck discomfort and weird sensations. I attributed it all to job stress and started worrying if I'd be able to continue to work or even worse, that I had a serious health condition. Turns out it was just bad posture.

After a visit to a skilled massage therapist with myoskeletal experience, I learned I had Upper Cross Syndrome- pairs of weak and tense muscle groups caused by years of texting on a cellphone and hunched office work. After 3 hours of intense back and neck work my symptoms were 70%+ alleviated, permanently. Massage therapy saved my job, and sanity.

DIGLLOYD: nice outcome.

Mark N writes:

Thank you very much for your post about the products at 3DBikeFit. I am interested in their bike seat and would like to know which seat you use. Either the Throne GT or RS. It appears we have a similar body habitus.

DIGLLOYD: great to hear it’s useful—such stuff is why I bother—hoping someone can profit from sharing my experience. I ride the 3DBikeFit “Throne GT” saddle. As per Kevin Bailey of

Lloyd has the Throne GT, and now we have another revised new version of it with a larger cut out. It’s same foam but front has longer channel. Looks better is more refined and has longer rails and new atoms base where cover raps under top base at front and back.

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