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COVID-19 Symptoms: Will Your Government Try to Kill You by Insisting on a $1000 5-day test instead of $20 “Trump Pills”?

See also Talking with your doctor who wants to follow guidelines when you have distinct COVID-19 Symptoms and WANT TO *STAY ALIVE*.

You are not a statistic. You are an individual human being who loves your own life and the lives of those in your life.

The government (CDC, FDA, etc) is NOT out to save your particular life. It’s goal is statistical, to do something that on average that helps save lives. And sorry to say, it could be about saving “important” lives first when resources grow strained—you can trust that the rich and powerful will jump the right hoops to be taken care of.

It’s not official, but knowledgeable sources say that the triple-drug cocktail of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin (Zithromax) and zinc (“Trump Pills”) are keeping people from dying from COVID-19 and getting them back to health quickly. These drugs are all well studied and very low risk. Don’t be fooled by the scum in the press that will refer to just one drug just to try to take away hope.

If the drugs don’t work, why are frontline doctors out there using the drugs for themselves? (in NO WAY am I implying that doctors are hoarding or doing something medically approriate, and I fully support any doctor risking infection in dealing with patients who feels that s/he should take it as a precaution, though whether that usage is worthwhile remains unclear).

Stricken people with advancing symptoms can die a HORRIBLE death by drowning in their own lung fluids in less than a week!

***IF*** the state of New York or California comes back a week from now and says “we gave X thousand people the Trump Pills and they didn’t work”, well at that point, readers can shit all over me—I’ll take that risk gladly and acknowledge it in my blog as being wrong. But I won’t be.

No one should die needlessly because the FDA and CDC are actively working to make those deaths a reality by insisting on a 5-day $1000 test when $20 of drugs can be applied immediately. For those who are in trouble, 5 days can mean a death sentence because the disease progresses rapidly. And (fucking assholes!) forbidding home tests and forcing people to go into a swamp of COVID-19 virus in a facility to get tested and thus both be exposed and to expose others—your incompetent government at work. At least at Stanford Medical, they have drive-in tests where you can stay in your car.

Distinguishing factors

Some people will be asymptomatic (show no obvious symptoms). Others will have mild symptoms. Only you can truly be the judge of how you feel and whether testing or treatment is justified (meaning if you actually do have COVID-19 symptoms); your doctor is going to assess that, but triage you based on guidelines—you have to be your own advocate.

I am not advising needless testing or worry about the first sniffle that could be something else entirely (not COVID-19). Let your doctor do his/her job in confirming whether symptoms are COVID-19 or not.

If you are showing signs of COVID-19, see the doctor immediately and pay strict attention to healthy choices, particularly sleep and rest if you are not already doing so (and self isolate). If symptoms progress significantly and/or you have other risk factors, you could be in big trouble.

Suppose you have clear symptoms of COVID-19 and overnight they seem to be worse. This already means you are worse off than asymptomatic people and therefore you are at risk, your life possibly balanced on a knife’s edge—one little push and you’re in deep trouble. Even if you don’t die, you could be left with permanent damage to lungs or other as yet unstudied issues to organs. This is not just a death-or-resume-normality equation.

If you have other risk factors (age, diabetes, asthma, immune issues, etc), then you cannot afford to take the slightest chance. At 55 I am not particularly old, but I have asthma and have had very serious lung infections before which took a long time to recover from. No one, absolutely no one has the moral right to tell me to wait 5 days for some test when already showing confirmed symptoms, because there would be a substantial probability of extreme suffering or death within five days.

Moreover, this is NOT just a physical harm—the psychological/emotional toll of being forced to wait 5 days when already showing clear symptoms is IMO medical malpractice.


Talking with your doctor who wants to follow guidelines when you have distinct COVID-19 Symptoms and WANT TO *STAY ALIVE*

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