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Memory Upgrades for 2019 Mac Pro - Save Up to 65% vs Factory Costs
Memory Upgrades for 2019 Mac Pro - Save Up to 65% vs Factory Costs

SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Reduced Pay for Health Care Workers WTF?

The news has been abuzz with hospitals cutting pay for doctors and nurses. I can understand hospitals not wanting to go broke—fair enough if that is actually the underlying issue.

The federal government can quickly and easily unfuck the situation. What the hell is going on with these apathetic do-nothing losers in Congress?

Health care workers putting their own lives deserve more than normal pay not less*.

Give the heroes in the health care sector hazard pay over and above their usual salaries, guaranteeing that pay. Congress can do that in ONE DAY and the President can sign it the same day.

* Any politician of any party who wants to shovel random pork into relief bills ought to be held in contempt of human dignity, and be forced to resign immediately, with total loss of all pension and benefits and be viewed in lower esteem than a child molester. Tarring and feathering seems appropriate too.

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