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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Notes from a Dr. David Brownstein Treating Patients

Excerpts below from the blog of David Brownstein, MD.

Emphasis added. Please read the entire posts for yourself. In no way am I recommending or giving any sort of medical advice here. You are on your own here.

April 9: 85 COVID Patients at The Center for Holistic Medicine: Zero Hospitalizations and No Deaths

...I encouraged people to take high doses of vitamins A, C, D, and iodine at the first sign of an illness. In our practice, this was sufficient for the majority of our COVID patients. I (and my partners) have no doubt that the vast majority of COVID patients would avoid a deterioration of their symptoms if they started this protocol at the onset of symptoms.

... we need to focus on supporting the host rather than conventional medicine’s focus on killing the infectious organism. We do not have a vaccine or any other conventional therapy that is successful at destroying COVID. In the future, I can guarantee you there will be other infectious illnesses that conventional medicine has no treatment to offer. Instead of waiting for the hail-Mary from conventional medicine, it is better to be prepared and have your body ready to fight back. This can be achieved by following my original instructions; eat a healthy diet, maintain optimal hydration, exercise, and correct nutrient imbalances with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

A holistic doctor can help you achieve your optimal health. Conventional doctors, on the other hand, are busy diagnosing pathology and prescribing the drug to treat that diagnosis. The problem with the conventional model is that the drug prescribed does not promote health as nearly all drugs poison enzymes and block receptors in the body. There is a time and a place for drug therapies, but they are well over-prescribed in the US. The use of many drug therapies leaves the body depleted of vital nutrients that it will need when confronted with something like COVID.

... 85 COVID patients who are all doing well and have not been hospitalized. There were some I was worried about—they kept me up at night. I called them daily to monitor their progress.

...Like most holistic therapies, the earlier they are started in a disease process the better they perform. AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A VIRAL ILLNESS I ENCOURAGE MY PATIENTS TO START MY VIRAL PROTOCOL OF TAKING VITAMINS A, C, D AND IODINE. Due to the severity of COVID, I now recommend starting to nebulize hydrogen peroxide and iodine early into the illness as well.

DIGLLOYD: I don’t see hospitals working wonders.

Left unsaid is what constitutes a “healthy diet”—certainly not what the government and most of the medical profession claims, that advice surely having harmed tens of millions by now. I have my opinions based on many hours of study and years of self observation (and it might well depend on personal gut biome as well!).

April 13: Fake COVID-19 Death Numbers and There Still Is Good News

... Recall that the original models predicted 1-2 million deaths. I told you that would not happen. Later, they lowered their predictions to 100-200,000. At that time, I predicted the numbers would be much lower... the COVID death numbers are, unfortunately, still climbing. But they will not reach 100,000. I don’t think the TRUE numbers will reach 50,000.

Recall last week, the CDC stated that COVID can be a valid diagnosis of the death of someone whether there is positive testing or not for COVID. If the doctor suspects COVID is part of the reason why the patient died, COVID can and should be listed as the cause of death. That only serves to inflate the death numbers of COVID. I have a friend whose 95-year-old mother was hospitalized for COVID. On day two of the hospitalization, the patient died of a massive heart attack. Guess what the primary cause of death was listed on the death certificate? If you guessed COVID-19, you win the prize.

I saw reports from the MSM that COVID death rates will be under-reported due to COVID-suffering patients dying at home and not being given a proper diagnosis. That is pure FAKE NEWS! Everyone who dies is given a diagnosis—at home or in the hospital. The CDC has already given doctors the green light to give COVID diagnoses without proof that COVID was the actual cause of death. Because of this, COVID will be diagnosed as the cause of death far more than it should.

Why would the CDC tell doctors to diagnose a death as COVID when COVID may have not been the cause of death?

Follow the money. Hospitals receive more money—up to $13,000 from the Government for an admission diagnosis of COVID. If the COVID-diagnosed patient is ventilated, they receive up to $39,000. This was reported by Minnesota state Senator and physician Scott Jensen. (1) I can guarantee you that hospital administrators are running around telling every physician and resident physician to diagnosis COVID at the first cough or sneeze for every patient. Furthermore, you can bet the CDC will be asking Congress for more money to research and develop a vaccine for COVID. They have every reason to inflate the death numbers. And, there is more. The Government has a reason to increase the death numbers for COVID as the final numbers will be much lower than the original projections which were used to lock down our economy. The Government has to justify the policies it has implemented. If the numbers are too low, public outcry will begin.

Italy has been going through similar issues. A report by the Italian National Institute of Health stated, “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus […] On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three.” This means that the cause of death for COVID-19 on death certificates in Italy have been artificially inflated by 88%! (2)

... I was taught to be meticulous when putting the cause of death on a certificate. Now, the CDC says I don’t need accurate testing to diagnose COVID as the cause of death? WHAT NONSENSE!!!! The lack of testing is what got us into this mess in the first place and it looks to keep us in a future mess.

... Folks, it is time to start winding down the lockdown for the young and healthy. We need herd immunity so that this virus does not come back in the fall when school starts. If we do not have herd immunity—at least 60% of us immune to COVID-19–we will be in trouble again in the fall. A lack of herd immunity may prove that the lockdown was the wrong thing to do. Time will tell. Strict quarantining of the sick and elderly are still needed.

For the rest of us, it is time to get back to work. Keep in mind that for every 1% uptick in the unemployment rate, there are estimates of up to 30,000 deaths from suicide, alcoholism and depression. Other studies have found that for every 1% rise in unemployment rate raises the risk of dying the next year by 6%. Perhaps the cure is worse than the illness? Again, time will tell.

DIGLLOYD: Patients dying with COVID-19 does not mean they died from COVID-19. We will never know the true numbers.

But not stated above is the net deaths from true CV19 infection versus all the other deaths and lives saved (e.g. fewer traffic accidents). See Public Policy Based on Counting Only COVID-19 Risks is Irresponsible and Infantile.

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