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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Health Care Heroes Juxtaposed against Morally Degenerate Police and Judiciary enforcing Economic Apartheid

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Kudos to the health care heroes who put their lives on the line under exhausting and risky work situations each and every day, their mental health and physical health at risk, and with many having their pay cut.

As to our government legal system, there are a few rare heroes, such as police chiefs who refuse to enforce the arbitrary economic apartheid system brought about by COVID-19.

The right to earn a living follows implicitly from the right to one’s life

Dallas hair salon owner, in act of civil disobedience, chooses to go to jail rather than close her doors

Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther was told by Judge Eric Moyé that she “just had to admit that her actions were selfish and wrong, and that she would follow the law”.

Ms Luther refused, responding eloquently, giving the judge far more respect than deserved:

I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I’m selfish, because feeding my kids is not selfish. I have hair stylists that are going hungry because they’d rather feed their kids. So, sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut down the salon.”

The judge then sentenced her to 7 days in jail (will she get coronavirus there?) and a $3500 fine. I disagree with Ms Luther on one point: here actions were selfish and that is the moral high ground*. She should not apologize for acting with the moral authority that is her due.

That judge values the law and his authority above the core human right to survival. What we have here is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

In Moyé's court order finding Luther in contempt, he added that it’s not too late for Luther to pledge to follow the legal reopening process. If she does so from jail, he’ll consider her for release, he said. She’ll just have to apologize to him and the other county officials as publicly as she defied them.

So it is about “defiance“ in insisting upon one’s basic human rights of survival?

It is not too late for this despicable judge(1) to donate his full salary going back to February to those in need, and to rescind his ruling and apologize to Ms Luther for judging her from his position of gun-enforced government privileges. Until and unless he does so, he is unfit to sweep the floor of her salon, let alone judge her. Fuck him and every judge and politician and police officer who thinks his authority and the law trump fundamental human rights while drawing an undiminished income denied (using guns) to others. Ditto for every government authority participating in this sordid affair and failing to use all their power to prevent it. Meanwhile, our pontificating supreme court sits around in their own non-reality with their thumbs up their asses on these human rights violations.

(1) The NYT reports that judge Judge Eric Moyé collects a six-figure salary (no doubt with gold plated benefits) and has been described as having an affection for Cuban cigars and "the finest steaks". Hopefully public outrcy will oust this dog turd from his position and he will be doxed and hounded relentlessly by protesters.

With sex offenders and other real criminals being released from prison because of COVID-19, this judge Judge Eric Moyé reveals himself for what he is: a piece of shit unfit to sweep the floors, let alone wear a robe.

Update: apparently the governor of Texas and the Texas attorney general are in agreement over the poor judgment of this judge: Texas AG tells judge to free Dallas woman 'unjustly jailed' for operating hair salon. IMO, such poor judgment is grounds for removing this judge from office. Because the rest of the time, this POS is going to judge other people with the same poor judgment and lack of compassion, and get away with it—and who knows how someone who thinks that badly judges minorities.

* Selfishness is the greatest moral good, the opposite of the grotesque moral alternative of selflessness, which means having no values and becoming a schmoo willing to immolate anything and everything in the name of an unspecified and undefinable “common good”. The selfless schmoo has no such values, fundamentally living second-hand and seeking power over others in subtle or not so subtle ways. Compare that to a soldier going to war which is an intensely selfish act (and thus worthy of the highest possible praise), because the soldier is showing the ultimate integrity of adhering to his/her own highest values in spite of great personal risk, that is, the love for and honor of one’s country and a willingness to die for it, that being his/her highest moral value. That moral high ground of acting on one’s own highest moral values is inherently selfish and not a sacrifice of values, but an affirmation.

The moral bankruptcy of the police and the judiciary and politicians

America has descended into a repugnant dual-class society as the result of the pandemic: those who have no skin in the game with their guaranteed full salary and benefits, and those denied the most basic of all human rights: the right to earn a living, which means the denial of the right to survival, the denial of self determination, the denial of dignity, the denial of everything we cherish in America and loathe in totalitarian states.

So here we have the obscenity of a privileged class using the full power and force of guns and the law to create a class of tens of millions of second-class citizens denied fundamental human rights.

The police are being paid full salary and benefits as are the judges and politicians telling them what to do. They have ZERO financial skin in the game and yet they render moral and legal judgement on helpless citizens seeking to survive. Those participating in this economic apartheid are human scum unfit to lick your shoes, let alone wield power of any kind.

Shame on the police, shame on the even more contemptible judiciary for enforcing economic apartheid, and shame on any politician not foregoing all salary and benefits while denying them to others. Until and unless these privileged elite of government workers are deprived of their own pay and benefits, they are moral degenerates unfit to wield power of any kind.

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