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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Criminal Prosecution for Governors and Mayors Who Violate Constitutional Rights

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This country is great because it has a Constitution which was and remains unprecedented in its recognition of individual rights (both explicit and implicit/natural). And it was written expressly to LIMIT what the government can do, reserving all else to the people.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights DO NOT make exceptions for either explicit rights or natural rights in the face of a pandemic, or anything else.

The Federal Government has a moral and legal obligation to investigate the acts of all Governors and Mayors and bureaucrats for all acts that violated the constitutional right of citizens. Should actions be found to violate the constitutional rights of citizens, those Governors and Mayors should be criminally prosecuted.

It is critical to do this NOW, because the next time, these dictator-wannabes we call “leaders” will take mile of “rope” on top of the whip they seized this time. There MUST be checks and balances that do NOT take years to litigate. The Supreme Court in particular has its collective thumbs up its ass rather than offering guidance—a contemptible abdication of responsibility.

Intent does not matter. Leaders must respect the constitution and have a sound legal basis for all their actions. They have ample legal means for determining prior to taking actions as to whether those actions they take are consistent with the Constitution. It is no different than taking professional advice from your accountant when doing your taxes—you cannot just make up your own rules as you wish! Yet governors and mayors and petty tyrant bureaucrats have done whatever the hell they want with absolutely no check on that authority. Punishing some groups and denying them the right to earn a living just for starters, while doing favors for other groups by exempting them. This is what tyranny looks like.

If an Environmental Impact Report is required for some worm, why isn’t a Rights Impact Report required before trampling on Constitutional rights, natural rights, and god-given rights that we all enjoy? Come to think of it, every law ought to be subject to that requirement also. Why is the environmental impact on some damned snail or bug more important than human rights for millions?

A Department of Justice and FBI task force should immediately be formed to look at each and every egregious use of power across this great country, targeting the most obvious places first.

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