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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Recommendations for Healthy Body and Immune System

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I am NOT a doctor, so you should ignore all this, after all, what do I know when doctors are surely soooo much better trained in nutrition*? After all, look at the huge drops in major diseases like heart disease and diabetes—ooops, that hasn’t happened even after decades—it has gotten far worse. Because of lies from the medical establishment and corrupt organizations like the American Heart Association, which will endorse anything if paid enough. Any corrupt researchers and doctors who seek money and status—and that requires toeing the line on dogmatic medical lies which never had any science behind them.

So go ask your doctor what to eat instead*. Ask him/her the basis for the recommendations, and ask for a list of studies that prove it—not epidemiological studies or assumptions or correlations (both anti-science nonsense), but real science of controlled studies (1) not funded by BigPharma or BigAg or BigFood and (2) whose authors and reviewers have no financial interest in the outcome and who have not taken bribes (trips, speaking engagements, etc paid for by industry). The list will be short, as in approaching zero. That’s the ugly truth of it—it’s a huge con game out there.

Then ask about nutritional deficiencies in Vitamin K2, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, etc. Ask about how they work synergistically and what role they play in good health. Ask about which drugs you are taking that cause serious nutritional deficiencies, particularly for magnesium, which when deficient can cause dozens of confusing health conditions (and most of the public is deficient in Mg). A blank stare or dismissal is your likely response. Your doctor will not inquire about ANY of these things, in my 40 years of experience with doctors.

See also my recommended reading list.

* How much training on nutrition do you think a doctor gets? (answer: very little and of that it is out of date and debunked for 99% of doctors). Try finding a doctor who doesn’t just quote the insanely bad government guidelines, or who has any clue about even basic things like Vitamin K2 or magnesium. Nutritional (non) science has been driven almost wholly by politics and the interests of BigAg and BigFood. Doctors as a group fail to work hard to determine nutritional deficiences before prescribing dangerous drugs for a huge number of things that nutrition could addresss with no risks—this is standard medical treatment (malpractice), believe it or not.

Eat right, rest right, excersise, get 20-30 minutes of sun on bare skin every day.

These are general guidelines, but are particularly important with COVID-19 in the wild.

  • SLEEP as much as you feel like. This boosts the immune system and lowers stress. Nap when you feel the need. If you do get sick, rest and rest and rest.
  • Exercise lightly every day without exception.
  • Cut out ALL added sugar and ALL grains and ALL “vegetable oils” except olive oil from your diet. And keep it that way. Raise your fat intake of olive oil and fats from avocados and nuts.
  • Eat healthy saturated fat from grass-fed beef, wild salmon, coconut oil. Yes, saturated fat—its role in heart disease is a grotesque medical lie that to this day has no causal proof of anything. Absolute no trans fats (“hydrogenated” anything). BTW "0g trans fats" is a flat out LIE on many products, that just means 0.5g or less per serving. If you see “hydrogenated” on a food label, then it has trans fats. But you should NOT be eating packaged foods anyway.
  • If it comes in a package and has more than a few ingredients, you should not be eating it. Eat whole unprocessed foods.
  • Skip the debunked and dangerous low-fat diet idiocy. You do not have to go full Keto, but it's the right direction.
  • ELIMINATE FOREVER all “vegetable oils” except olive oil. Try high-grade whole milk Yogurt (try Strauss or Siggi’s) if fermented dairy (yogurt) works for your system. Most yogurt sucks and is made from low-grade factory-farmed milk. Do NOT buy yogurt with added sugar, fruit, etc.
  • Eat grass-fed beef or bison. Do not eat the inflammatory factory cruelly produced garbage meat that most of America eats. For chicken, free range (meat and eggs).
  • Get 20-30 minutes of SUNLIGHT ON YOUR SKIN EVERY DAY and do not use sunscreen except on sensitive areas like the face and scalp (but do NOT let yourself redden or burn). This is for Vitamin D production. Yes, sunlight in moderation without sunscreen is healthy and necessary in spite of the idiotic claims made by the medical establishment. Whole body health is the ticket, and sunlight is part of that. If you do use sunscreen, stick to zinc oxide, which blocks (reflects away) all types of UV rays. My prediction is that in 10-20 years, it will be shown that most sunscreens contribute to skin cancer, by suppressing the UV rays that are needed by the body for Vitamin D production and allowing through the UV rays that are associated with skin cancer.
  • Supplement with magnesium citrate (not magnesium oxide) together with zinc. Supplement with Vitamin K2 from animal sources (or natto) and Vitamin A from animal sources (beta carotene does NOT count, as it is 6X to 50X conversion inefficient). All these things must be taken together as they are synergistic.
  • Include fresh greens regularly, such as spinach, broccoli, arugula. Daily not necessary in spite of the political/governmental bullshit dietary food recommendations designed for BigAg an BigFood, not for you or your health.
  • Eat 1-2 ounces of nuts every day, like walnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios.
  • Eat whole fruit only (NO fruit juice), in moderation.
  • Taking a statin? That's a great way to ruin your overall physical and mental health.
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