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SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Violation of Public Trust: which is least BAD? The GIGO Experts: CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, Dr Brix, Dr Fauci et al

How’s that COVID-19 expert thing working for y’all?

See Recommendations for Healthy Body and Immune System.

Our “experts” have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are incompetent liars with confirmation bias and cognitive commitments that render them useless as experts. Some have political agendas who unless ignored will put your life in peril (and that’s not just true of COVID-19, but also of statins and nutrition and dozens of other idiocies).

All lack the ability to integrate medical knowledge (mostly falsehoods so far) into social and economic issues, making their perspective fit for the children’s table. The world doesn’t exist in a lab or a model or a narrative: it is highly complex with many issues far beyond medical.

These so-called experts have in effect killed tens of thousands of people with their incompetence at every critical juncture. They are still driving public policy.

I’m forgetting some things of course... major, people-killing errors and scientific incompetence. Did the CDC kill 50,000 people?

  • WHO: no need for concern, not a pandemic, spread not likely.
  • WHO: no human-to-human transmission.
  • CDC: don’t close the airports.
  • CDC: send COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, needlessly infecting and killing thousands.
  • WHO: Cannot spread through the air. See “Just breathing or talking may be enough to spread COVID-19 after all”.
  • WHO, CDC, medical experts: Masks are worse than nothing. Masks don’t work. The public does not need masks. See “Just breathing or talking may be enough to spread COVID-19 after all” and my prescient P100 / N100 Particulate Respirator the Smart Move for Coronavirus. Would half as many people be dead now if masks had been the norm from the start? Which of these organizations and experts will acknowledge their deadly role in killing people? Why are they still employed?
  • CDC: doesn't transmit on surfaces, then does, then doesn't.
  • CDC: incompetent at testing hydroxyquinilone, failing to use zinc with it and using it on people half in the grave, leading to press coverage actively discouraging valid trials.
  • CDC: incompetent in detecting counterfeit masks that might cause doctors to become infected and to infect others.
  • ALL: fantasy-land GIGO data on COVID-19 infections and deaths.
  • ALL: incompetent at communicating on the meaning of the GIGO data and models, resulting in public fear, wanton economic destruction and bad public policy.
  • ALL: Highly misleading statistics bordering on outright lies and failing to explain. See Trying to Make Sense of the Death Rates.
  • ALL: failure to formulate any policy which can end this crisis.
  • Irresponsible context-dropping public statements about infection rates rising or falling without any mention of the testing rate. On top of testing with a 15% to 30% error rate—total scientific and communication fear-mongering incompetence!
  • ALL: unable to present valid data or statistics of any kind—everything is chock full of basic scientific errors. That guy killed in a car crash? COVID-19 fatality if infected (which itself is rarely confirmed by more than a guess).
  • ALL: near total ignorance of true underlying morbibity factors, particularly nutritional deficiencies and how that weakens people. Resorting instead to statistical findings with no insight into true risk factors—studying morbities that are the end result of underlyling problems, but not the underlying problems that could raise the odds for millions. See Notes from a Dr. David Brownstein Treating Patients.
  • Dr Fauci: lockdown critical... wait... lockdowns might kill people. HTF did it take him so long to figure that out? See Kicking the Can Down the Road?.

These experts all belong out of sight at the children’s table because they have contributed more to death and destruction than to saving lives. Have they contributed anything so far to save lives besides finally reversing some but not all of their baseless recommendations?

These “experts” are one-trick ponies unable to formulate an integrated adult viewpoint based on a total risk assessment. See Public Policy Based on Counting Only COVID-19 Risks is Irresponsible and Infantile.

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